Simon Barrett of BNNWhat is up with Simon Barrett’s latest BNN post on the Blogger News Network? Has this Brit once again gone into an attack mode?

It has been so long ago, that I honestly can not say which was my last post written on Simon, but Simon Barrett is Clueless As Usual is as good as any post to refer our readers to.

In Having A Bad Day? Give Yourself An Award, Simon Barrett is seeming to have a field day with plaques from the American Registry.

While Simon did NOT mention any names in his post, one can only ask why? My best guess is that the latest posting activities of Radio on her recently resurrected RadioNewz Blog could conceivably be to blame.

Cobra has already commented on Simon’s post.

What has the ding-bat Radio done with all her Blogging crap? Has she stirred up a new can of worms, and started another Internet feud?


UPDATE: Is Simon Barrett Up to His Old Tricks?

America’s Most Honored Professionals – Top 10%

Simon Barrett, as usual, did a half-ass job of reporting.

If American Registry were just trying to sell product then anybody off the street would logically be able to buy one of their rewards. If things were as Simon has suggested then you or me should be able to buy one of their honors online. That is definitely NOT the case. Only award winners, and other authorized persons, can buy a plaque from American Registry. Show me where I can buy an America’s Most Honored Professionals – Top 10% plaque with my name engraved on it, Simon Barrett!

Another possibility is that American Registry is just a scam operation. If that were the case then every lawyer in America would have been listed in their registry. So, I decided to see if the notorious Jose Baez was listed. Surely, the American Registry would be aware of Casey Anthony’s attorney. Guess what? Jose Baez was NOT listed as a lawyer located in Florida, Simon!

Further, if it was just a scam operation then all the lawyers listed would have the same number of awards. That is definitely NOT the case. Furthermore, the awards listed for the different lawyers were quite different. Deborah Bianchi Tracht, for example, only received a 15th Anniversary award, Simon!

America’s Most Honored Professionals – Top 10% plaque had been specifically brought into question by Simon Barrett. That honor was awarded to just 24,641 lawyers across the entire United States of America. That works out to be on average 493 lawyers per state. Take the state of Florida for example; I certainly would think that there would be at least 4,930 attorneys in that big state, Simon!

In conclusion, Simon Barrett is as inept as ever, in what he had implied in his above post. I would be very happy to see receive feedback as to why this conclusion of mine might be wrong in any way.

Why was I the one to waste my valuable time cleaning up the mess created by Radio, over a bunch of stupid shit being posted by her? That is what I want to know.