Crystal Sheffield faked photo?Does Timothy Holmseth have both oars in the water, or is he a few beers short of a six pack when he claimed that this picture of Crystal Sheffield holding her children was faked?

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In my opinion, Timothy Holmseth has been drinking too much Kool-aid. That photo while odd looking is most certainly NOT faked.

All amateur portraits suffer from the same optical illusion. Most older cameras come with a single built in lens of a fixed focal length that is simply NOT suitable for taking portraits. As a result, the closest object in portraits taken with one of these cameras, in this case Crystal Sheffield’s hands, will always appear to be too big. If the same picture had been taken with a suitable portraiture, or a medium-length telephoto lens, her hands would have looked of normal size. To avoid this optical illusion with a digital camera, simply shoot your portraits at a distance and do a closeup of your subject with your optical zoom feature.

In addition, Crystal suffers from flabby arms. Her arm was pressed flat against Haleigh’s torso and thus in this flatten out state looks bigger than it actually is.

Does Crystal Sheffield have big hands?

Does Crystal Sheffield have big hands?

For case in point take a look at this photo of Crystal Sheffield’s hands. Was this photo also faked? Heck no! It simply suffers from the same optical illusion created from shooting it with the wrong focal length lens, which resulted in the closest object to the camera, in this case Crystal’s arm and hands, having the optical illusion of being too big.

Ergo, Crystal Sheffield was merely the victim of both poor photography skills and a notorious Internet raving lunatic, whose name shall remain undisclosed, who claimed that that crummy photo was faked on his Web site.

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