Timothy Holmseth Busted!
Rumor on the street has it that Timothy Holmseth has finally made it to the big time.

I had last caught up with Tim in Did Timothy Holmseth Drop His Breaking News Stories?

Tim, I am told, is now the proud new owner of a spot inside a 6×9 foot cell. I ask: Is the cell padded? Timothy was presented with his new residence this morning courtesy of the East Grand Forks Police Department in Minnesota.

Seems that Tim is now dealing with the long arm of the law for violating three counts of an order of protection issued by a Broward County judge in Florida.

If everybody would calm down for a moment, I do belive that I can hear Mr. Holmeth protesting his fate, in the distance.

I am telling you, I know my rights. The Florida courts have no jurisdiction over this Minnesota author. Gee, how could I have been arrested when I have never met Attorney Picazio in person? I live in Minnesota, and have not been to Florida in 35 years.

Pipe down Mr. Holmseth and get a grip on reality for a change. You protest too much. Nobody is listening, because you are now officially out of the picture.

UPDATE: Timothy Holmseth’s Dream Has Finally Come True

Bye Bye Timothy Holmseth

Bye Bye Timothy Holmseth

Did Timothy Holmseth ever read point #5, shown above?

Due to Tim allegedly publishing a photographic image of Kim Picazio in his latest Web site update, and having allegedly uploaded other items to his site during the last couple of months, a fourth charge may be pending.