Is Timothy Holmseth out of the picture?
Timothy Holmseth has been a busy little beaver lately, posting breaking news stories about the missing Haleigh Cummings case. But, suddenly all of his news scoops have apparently disappeared off of Write into Action. 🙂

But, why?

We had last caught up with our galent hero in Did Timothy Holmseth Go Into Hiding?. It has been just one month, and already this site’s action plan to clean up some of Tim’s crumbs in Google has worked beautifully.

It was pretty easy to do. All it took was copying Google’s search results into a HTML Web Page editor. And, then manually editing the pages. Having over a decade of experience in HTML coding, I am more than up to dealing with some extremely messy Web page coding. And, messy it was. But, I sliced through it like a knife through butter.

On this post, I will be posting the second installment of our action plan to beautify the Web community.

Something is happening at Write into Action, but what? Tim has decided to go for a Déjà Vu look. It is Déjà Vu for Timothy Holmseth. Unfortunately, Mr. Holmseth’s posts on his breaking Haleigh Cummings’ news stories were simply moved to the bottom of the page. 😦

Taking Out the Garbage for Timothy Holmseth