Haleigh Cummings – The Shocking Truth RevealedHas anybody seen or heard from Timothy Holmseth, lately? Word on the street is that Holmseth has gone underground in the social media, as he awaits his pending doom in the Florida courts. What do you think?

Listen to this alleged perv, squeal like a stuck pig on his Web site.

“The Florida court probably has no jurisdiction on the minnesota author but timothy charles holmseth will show respect for the law until this is sorted out.”

Haleigh Cummings – The Shocking Truth Revealed

Seems that Tim has suddenly found religion, because all of his hate speech appears to have been physically deleted off his trash dump of a Web site. Did Timothy Holmseth have a divine revelation? Or, is he just a chicken sh*t?

Trouble is that Timothy Holmseth’s prior bad deeds are still showing up in Google’s search results. These type of deleted pages could hang around in the Google search results for well over a year.

I have written two different Blog posts that link to 130 of Timothy Holmseth’s worst ravings on the Web, inoder to flush them out of Google’s search results.

But how about floodofnoah YouTube videos? Everyone needs to let floodofnoah know exactly what they think of his videos. The public should go video by video and Flag them as inappropriate. Just click on the Flag icon that is located directly underneath each video. Then you could select “Hateful or Abusive Content” as the major reason, followed by Bullying; is one possibility. There are other good choices.

UPDATE: Did Timothy Holmseth Go Into Hiding?

A reliable source has informed me that the Florida Court has allegedly entered an Order to Show Cause why Mr. Holmseth should not be held in direct criminal contempt. Tim has been allegedly ordered to personally appear before the Court in Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on October 28th for an arraignment. Penalties are rather stiff and could include sanctions and / or jail time. Will Timothy Holmseth dare show his face in Court, or is he going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming to beautiful Florida?

Haleigh Cummings – The Shocking Truth Revealed

Upon release of this update, WordPress will ping Google. In a few hours of the posting of this post, Google will hopefully crawl each one of Tim’s bad links. If this plan of action works then Tim’s hate speech will disappear out of Google’s search results within a few weeks to few a months. If that happens, I will try to clean up any remaining pages still hanging around in the Google search results.

The other 65 links are going to be posted on a different Blog. Did Timothy Holmseth have Second Thoughts?