Getting a Cyber stalker to STOP is like beating a dead horse.The court hearing on Kim Picazio’s petition for protection in Broward County, Florida has come and gone. The judge ordered a permanent indefinite injunction against Holmseth who failed to show up for the hearing; for repeat violence, cyber stalking, and harassment. Despite appearances, Holmseth has NOT taken down most of his Web site, in open defiance of the judge’s court order.

We had last caught up with this alleged cyber stalker in Timothy Holmseth’s Shocking Admission. Elsewhere, Levi Page in Kim Picazio strikes back against Haleigh Cummings conspiracy author reported on what the judged had ruled.

While Timothy Holmseth did in fact make a radical change to his home page, he did NOT remove all materials on his website that directly or indirectly reference Kim Picazio.

Tim’s Web site is a horribly designed monstrosity of a static site that in some respects mimics a Blog. It is NOT a true Blog, however. Holmseth is actually using a rather expensive copy of a 2005 version of Macromedia Dreamweaver to maintain his site. What a waste of Dreamweaver!!!

If you know what you are looking at, an appropriate Google reveals that he still has at least 156 Web pages on the Web that mention Picazio on his site. I personally Googled it a few minutes before this post was released. And, the first few of Tim’s 156 pages listed in the search results clearly indicates that the offending pages are still physically on the Web.

The ONLY thing that Timothy Holmseth actually did was get rid of the main link to all this mess, namely the original version of his home page.

Furthermore, since most of Timothy Holmseth’s pages have cache copies in Google, this jerk should be forced to have each cache copy individually removed; by way of a proper request in Google’s Webmaster Tools. Otherwise, traces of Tim’s offending Web pages could be floating around on the Internet for over a year, even if Holmseth physically deletes them off of his Web site.

This post is a public service announcement to the legal authorities that Timothy Holmseth’s offending pages are still on the Web.