Judge Belvin Perry finally on Friday August 12th, ordered that Casey Anthony has to return to Florida to serve a year of probation in Orlando for her check fraud convictions. Could this mean that Casey will finally receive some long overdue community justice?

I have been appalled by the large number of media spokespersons who have expressed concern over Casey Anthony’s safety. What is with JVM, and all her heart felt concern? Any safety issues, or perhaps even the inability to live with her past evil actions, are entirely Casey Anthony’s problems, NOT mine.

I have absolutely no interest in protecting Casey Anthony from the wrath of her community, or about how she is going to get a job. I could careless. If you cannot do the time, THEN do NOT do the crime IMHO.

While any NORMAL person could deal with a year of probation with absolutely no problems, a simply amazing number of celebrities cannot. Hence, I fully expect Casey to get herself busted on a probation violation, a number of times before the year is up. Hopefully, she will end up serving time in a real prison for her check fraud convictions.

Seems to me, that most of her probation problems will come from Casey being a pathological liar. Next, would be getting busted for a traffic violation, which is so popular among celebrity types. Then her prohibition against her associating with criminal types could prove to be a problem. What NORMAL person, after all, would be interested in being a friend of Casey? Her probation restriction on travel will keep her from leaving the country, in order to make big money that would be safe from civil lawsuit judgments. At this point, Casey Anthony is probably waiting to receive a passport from the Federal government.

What is simply amazing to me is the number of people who apparently have spent big bucks courting this piece of trash. We have Casey Anthony reportedly flying all over the country in a private jet. Then she is reportedly shacking up in a 5 million dollar mansion of one of the former members of her dream team, along with two body guards. Knowing that HLN is the source of all these rumors, probably means that it is total nonsense. I would NOT be surprised at all, if these stories were designed by HLN to get the public all worked up over nothing. You should really NOT trust anything posted on Facebook by JVM or Nancy Grace, IMHO.

No way would I let Casey in my House. At best, I could only see some wealthy person letting her stay in some stripped down, separate, guest house on a big estate. Nor, would I even let her wonder the estate freely. Casey would positively be confined to the guest house. Wealthy people have security fences and gates. No way is Casey worth two security guards. These people must be expecting a big financial payoff in the near future. Her dream team has absolutely no obligation to house Casey Anthony.

Unfortunately, her dream team will probably file an appeal. Of course, that does NOT automatically mean that she will get a stay from execution, or whether or not she will eventually win the appeal.