After going through a brief cooling off period, I am now clear headed enough to reflect on the Casey Anthony verdict. Did our justice system work? And, should we accept the verdict of the jury?

I first approached the possibility of Casey walking in Casey Anthony is Going to Walk back in April of 2009. Casey walking has always been a distinct possibility.

Did our justice system work? No, of course, not! How can anyone say that the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial was correct?

Should we accept the verdict of the jury? Yes, we do NOT have any other choice. But, no one ever said that we have to like the verdict. Nor, that the public cannot criticize the individual jurors.

Who is to blame for the horrible verdict? Without a doubt, we do NOT have to look further than the massive overkill coverage of Tot Mom trial by the Media. You can thank all of the tabloid media for Casey walking.

Next in line of guilt is obviously the prosecution. They are the professionals after all whose job it was to insure a comfortable conviction on ALL counts. Of which they obviously failed miserably. Those clowns did NOT even include an abuse of a human corpse charge.

872.06 Abuse of a dead human body
(C)(2) “A person who mutilates … or otherwise grossly abuses a dead human body commits a felony of the second degree” which carries a sentence of up to 15 years.

Now, who is responsible for costing the state of Florida an obscene amount of money? Could it be the massive overkill coverage of the Casey Anthony trial by the Media? You better believe it.

What can be done about this disaster? This is clearly another case of the government failing its citizens. Instead, of all the grossly overpaid government officials in Florida proactively doing their job, I guess that it is now up to me to tell ALL these incompetents what they should have done long ago.

Judicial Reform is Needed

Take the Cameras out of the courtroom. Short of doing away will ALL coverage by the Media, the lack of live video coverage would have resulted in a fast conviction, over two years ago. No massive overkill by the media and No cameras would have meant no dream team. The public’s thirst for live coverage is what enabled Tot Mom to walk.

Next, ALL jury trials should start with training the jury rather than with opening statements. Topics to be covered would include, for example, information on how trials are conducted, how they are supposed to cope with 30 plus days of testimony, what constitutes circumstantial evidence, what is sufficient evidence to convict. And most importantly of all, what the jurors are supposed to be doing during jury deliberations. The notion that you only have to give jurors a short quip on their job just before they start their deliberations is the height of folly in my opinion.

Finally, how about writing an abuse of corpse statute that would actually make sense. A stature that explicitly covers the illegal burial of a body in the course of either a murder or accidental death, or by any person other than a legally licensed funeral home. Do NOT most murderers try to hide the body? Where have all the Florida legislators been for the last 10 years?

Apparently, all of these rather obvious suggestions are too much for the taxpayers of Florida to expect from their public officials.