The jury has spoken. The verdict is in. I have refrained from speculating up till now, because it will always depend on how this one set of 12 jurors finally calls it. One could talk hot air forever as to what might happen, could have happened, and probably what should have resulted in a murder conviction. People after all, do NOT like anybody who messes with a helpless and innocent child.

On the other hand, we are talking about convicting a young and relatively attractive white female. In this country, women by in large are NOT sent to prison. Had this case been about convicting a father, I am sure that this jury would have had absolutely no problems in returning a guilty verdict.

In life, one can get only so far dumping upon somebody else. I for one am happy to see finally an end, put to all of this Media negativity. You can blame Casey Anthony walking entirely upon the Media, and especially on Tabloid Media shows like Nancy Grace on HLN. In this type of Media hysteria, saying anything remotely positive about the Jose Baez defense team prior to the final verdict being announced would have been imprudent.

The test of time now clearly shows that the Baez defense team was on the ball, all along. Having clearly won the day in court, they obviously in retrospect did have a certain measure of brilliance, to both their opening statement and their presentation throughout the entire trial, provided of course you have the slightest bit of interest in trial strategy. The state on the other hand, typified by the antics of Jeff Ashton, totally blew it.

Who says so? Casey Anthony’s juror of her peers did.

Poor Linda Burdick has overnight instantly joined the ranks of Marcia Clark. Jeff Ashton’s unprofessionalism could have literally blown the state’s entire case during the last few minutes of Jose Baez’s closing statement. Ashton wrote a check that the state of Florida, could NOT cash, and now sheepishly has retired.