A more recognizable Misty Croslin makes a tearful plea for help from within prison. But, what is her point?

This Internet publisher on Natural Health has little interest in pursuing the Misty Croslin saga, so why do her gang of Twits persist in their folly is what I want to know?

Misty Croslin – the Movie Star

Reporter Arelis R. Hernández from the Orlando Sentinel in Misty Croslin: ‘I’d give my life for Haleigh to come home now’, appear to be part of a new public relations campagian for Misty Croslin

The video interview was video graphed by George Skene. This video production has obviously received a lot more editing by Doug Grossman then the Orlando Sentinel’s typical news story, and might eventually win some type of award for its creativity. I just wonder why so many obvious breaks in the video were necessary?

Misty Croslin at this point can only be helped by a good lawyer.

Personally, I think that Misty has in a way already given her life for Haleigh Cummings, or at least 25-years of it. This Blog has been more about Misty than Haleigh Cummings from the very beginning. And, I shall repeat it once again. The Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Gang pleading no contest across the board was about the dumbest move, legally speaking, that any of these fools could have made. Short of producing a living and breathing Haleigh Cummings, Misty will be in jail for the next 25-years. Crying to the public wont help her, but filing an intelligent appeal might.

I found the latest antics on Misty Croslin’s Facebook account vastly more entertaining.

Misty Croslin on Facebook

Misty Croslin on Facebook

Open Question for Misty Croslin

I will pose this open question to Misty Croslin’s family, friends, and supporters. Where where you when Misty Croslin really needed and could have used your help? Where were you when anyone of you could have easily saved Misty?

Personally, I am thanking all of Misty’s Twits for giving me an opportunity to plug my new Web pages on natural health, with perfect timing. Thanks Misty, Robert, and Chelsea. Thank you for coming through for moi, when I really needed you.

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