Misty & Tommy Croslin on FacebookBoth Misty and Tommy Croslin have made it to Facebook from apparently inside Florida State Prison. This recent turn of events has gotten a number of people all upset and bent out of shape.

Misty Croslin Pleads for Mail

Misty Croslin wrote on Facebook:

“ive made alot of mistakes in my life and more than anything i regret everyone but why i am sitting in prison at 19 years old for the next 25 years of my life has no meaning or purpous i was set up because no one will just believe me believe my family is innocent and know haliegh is alive out there somewhere please dont ever forget her face”

Misty Croslin on Facebook

Misty Croslin on Facebook

Just because there is a Facebook account out there that looks just like Misty Croslin is doing it from inside her jail cell, doesn’t mean anything folks! Anybody could be doing it. If anything, I am rather surprised that there are NOT already a half dozen imitation accounts setup with Misty’s name. It could be a family member, or somebody communicating with Misty by mail.

At least one person has suggested that Misty Croslin is doing it herself with an illegal cellphone smuggled into prison. Personally, I find that hard to believe. I would imagine that it would require a rather expensive Blackberry type cellphone to set up a Facebook account complete with pictures. Quite frankly, Misty’s account looks too perfect to me. I doubt that Misty has the smarts to know exactly how to setup a Facebook account so perfectly, so fast, especially on a cheap throwaway cellphone.

Is Harriet Lewis Sweat helping Misty and Tommy Croslin?

My best guess is that Harriet Lewis Sweat is the person behind Misty’s Facebook account. We last caught up with this Harriet in RadioNewz Blog – What Happened with Lisa Croslin. Harriet Sweat was previously presented as an alleged snitch who had come to the aid of Misty’s mother: Lisa Croslin.

Another possible person who could be behind Misty’s Facebook account obviously is Chelsea Croslin. Whoever is doing it has access to Misty’s pictures and correspondence from prison, as well as has a good grasp of how Facebook operates. Harriet must have a keen sense of how an illiterate like Misty thinks, or is patiently replying to her friends by way of mail with Misty Croslin. They certainly have put a lot of effort into separating family from friends. The average Facebook user would not have put that must effort into it, if at all. On Tommy’s account, apparently a lot of Hank’s old High School classmates have managed to find him and signed on as his Facebook friends.

The motivation for running these fake accounts is pretty obvious. They are advertising their prison mailing address. Both Misty and Tommy must be lonely in prison. Harriet Sweat presumably has some type of a religious motivation for helping out the Croslins. Might she actually be trying to piss off a lot of people with the addition of Haleigh Cummings as a family member?

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UPDATE: Misty Croslin on FaceBook

A number of people are claiming that it is obviously Chelsea Croslin behind the Croslin’s Facebook accounts. Well maybe so, and then again maybe NOT.

I am working on it.

As an experienced natural health researcher my observation is that coincidence does not prove causality. If you do NOT believe me, then just ask any science person or somebody with half a brain that is actually NOT high on drugs.

To quote Art Harris’ recent update on the latest activities of Chelsea Croslin:

“In the past, needing money, Chelsea has attempted to sell Misty’s letters.”

To all the Chelsea supporters, I ask if she is in it for the money then show me the money in spending her limited time on her alleged Misty and Tommy Facebook activities. Where is the money? Next, she is a Croslin by marrage only. Beyond money issues, I see no reason for that particular Croslin out of all the family members to be so touched by the plight of her relatives, by marriage, being in prison .