Who disappeared some two years ago? Some very crazy people recently held a vigil for her. They likewise plan to hold another vigil every six months, until the world stops for them.

There are a lot of crazy people out there. I do NOT need to be reporting on the latest activities of these crazies, especially on events being sponsored by the mother wellspring of dysfunctionality. So, I just thought that I would offer some rather obvious commentary on some of this media craziness.

Tim Miller:

“Haleigh [Cumming]’s going to be just as deceased tomorrow as she is today, or next week as she was six months ago, bottom line.” — Palatka Daily News Interview from October 2009

The way I see it, Haleigh Cummings was dead from day one, thanks to some of the most dysfunctional people that I have ever seen. Thanks to them, millions of dollars and hours have been wasted on their pack of lies. Will they be wasting anymore of your time? At least most of them are presently rotting in jail and will stay there for a very long time, OJ style.

The apple does NOT fall far from the tree. For all these crazies to claim that they will continue to believe that Haleigh is alive until somebody proves to them otherwise, is the height of arrogance, IMHO. Annette, You are NOT that important a person. Your family has been all but destroyed, by your dysfunctionality, trust me. Everyone of them from anyone of the families could have saved Haleigh, but totally failed to act. The time for saving Haleigh has long since passed. At least I wont be wasting anymore of my time covering the latest antics of these dysfunctional losers. And, worst yet the dysfunctional media that is still covering this cold case.

Ronald Cummings packed in enough mud bogging after the Nancy Grace show to last him 15 years in jail.

Misty Croslin has 25 years to get her GED, but will she have enough time? Stay tuned for more news at eleven, if you don’t happen to have a life of your own.