Who is nuttier Tommy Croslin, or Misty?
The judge denied Tommy’s motion for a sentence modification. But the really big question is still whether Misty Croslin is going to get a slap on the wrist by being treated as a youthful offender, receive the standard 15-year sentence, or will she get at least 30 years in the slammer?

Misty’s next court date is on Friday, October 8th in St. John’s County. But her really big court date won’t be until Tuesday, October 19th in Putnam County. Until then we won’t know what is going to happen, until the judge finally sentences her. Will she get Youthful Offender status or, at least 30 years?

Yesterday, Judge Terry LaRue declined to reduce his sentence for Tommy Croslin basically because he thought that the good o’boy was stupid for not having maintained a low profile. Over and above missing Haleigh, of all the Croslins, Tommy was the most criminally active with him being out on bond on four or five other charges (Croslins – Neighbors from Hell). Does this surprise anyone except Hank, Jr. who actually expected to get a sentence of just three to five years? And, could it have anything to do with this crime thug constantly talking about how doing 3 years on his jailhouse tapes was absolutely nothing?

Chelsea Croslin – The Biggest Nut Job of All

Which Croslin is nuttier? Chelsea wins this contest hands down for having taken Lisa Croslin’s clothes, Cellphone, and ID back with her to Massachusetts. The notion that Lisa might actually need these items when she got out of jail did not even occur to her (Kim Picazio Outs BNN’s Lies About Lisa Croslin).

Simon Barret is an effective cure for insomnia.

Anytime that I start suffering from a sleepless night, I try listening to one of Simon Barrett’s Blog Talk Radio audio tapes on Surviving The 21st Century. It is a neutral topic that meanders all over the place. Just try to focus on what any of these wacko environmentalists are saying. It is impossible. Simon is guaranteed to put you to sleep within 15 to 30 minutes. I got a couple of his audio broadcasts burnt onto a CD.

Levi Page on the other hand always manages to put on a lively show, even if I do NOT happen to agree with what his guests are saying. Perhaps, it is because they actually have something to say that is remotely newsworthy?

Levi Page in Exclusive: Chelsea Croslin speaks out [Download] recently featured Chelsea Croslin, Criminal Profiler Pat Brown and Homicide Prosecutor Donna Pendergast on a Blog Talk Radio broadcast that was almost an hour long.

Levi started his show by commenting on the behavior of the female peanut gallery in Tommy’s failed attempt to get his 15-year drug trafficking sentence reduced. According to Page, the Cummings clan called the Croslin females a bunch of bad names and made threatening hand gestures that was reminiscent of my previous post on Females Fight It Out Over Haleigh. Funny how none of that sideshow was covered by the local Florida press?

Levi’s guests managed to have said a few quotable quotes.

Chelsea Croslin: “Misty and Tommy … implicated themselves in a murder.”

Chelsea you can STOP dumping on Ron, now. That Freudian slip of yours just ratted out your Croslin kin. That is all the information that anyone needs to know from you. 🙂

Pat Brown: “Why won’t anybody give him up [i.e, Ronald Cummings]? … What is it about him that keeps them from doing that?”

Pat just pointed out the biggest hole in the Ronald Cummings did it theory. I refer to this problem with the question: Why has Tommy NOT ratted out Ron? Until that major detail is satisfactorily answered, all these Ron whiners are just full of hot air, IMHO.

Ronald Cummings was at the time of Haleigh’s disappearance, holding down a job and providing for his family. Further, it has been reported that Chelsea and Timmy Croslin allegedly had moved up North early on in the investigation of Haleigh’s disappearance because Massachusetts provided better welfare benefits.

I do NOT care how many times these people will suggest that Ron was a regular user of drugs during his days at BDM, I do NOT believe it for one minute. A crane operator under the influence of drugs would be detected almost immediately. At traffic stops conducted by police, are not drunk drivers totally unable to walk a straight line? There is a reason for this. It would be, likewise, impossible for a drugged out crane operator to efficiently and skillfully pick up objects and move them around in an industrial work environment without killing someone or causing some serious property damage.

Further, why did Ron give Misty an Altima on her 17th birthday (according to Chelsea), if he was such a controlling and horrible person? If Misty was aways under the control of Ronald Cummings then how do you explain Misty going off on a three-day spree of revenge sex and drugs?

Finally, a claim was made by Chelsea that Ron threw all of Misty’s clothes and stuff in the front yard of Nay Nay’s house. Chelsea confirmed that there indeed was a fight on February 9th, 2009. Further according to Chelsea, Ron and Misty were NOT a couple. A lot of fighting and arguing was going on the day that Haleigh disappeared. That hardly suggests that Misty, at the time, was under the control of Ron. Did not Misty turn off her phone at 8:30 pm? That suggests a major conflict to me.

Misty Croslin – Is Just Plain Stupid

I still think that if Misty had any brains at all she would have gone for a jury trial. She is the only member of the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 drug gang who could have easily gotten off with an entrapment defense.

Misty Croslin is a sweet, innocent young girl who fell under the evil influence of a much older Donna Brock. Heck she could have claimed and proved entrapment by Donna by way of the Tim Miller sting financing connection. Misty was broke. Nor did she own a car. Desperate for money she was entrapped into selling drugs by LE who clearly targeted her. There is absolutely no proof that Misty was a big time drug dealer with tons of money. There is no proof that Misty sold drugs to anyone other than LE. This is exactly the type of case that would be eventually won upon appeal.

Misty pleading no contest after everybody else has gotten sentenced to 15-years makes her a fool, if not some kind of a nut job.