In the first couple days of the investigation of the Haleigh Cummings missing person case, Misty Croslin incriminated herself with comments about little Haleigh having wet her blanket. Just like Chelsea Croslin, I have had over a year to think about this case. In retrospect, there is absolutely no reason at all for Misty Croslin to have been talking about this, other than the fact that at the time Misty viewed this event to be very significant. Here is my Pee Theory as to why Misty is guilty of this crime.

The Drug Overdose Theory is just plain lame.

Once it was reported that Ron had a criminal drug history (Allegations are raised about Ronald Cummings) back in February 2009, the drug overdose theory became a distinct possibility that was soon discounted.

The theory that Haleigh died from a drug overdose is just plain full of holes, which over more than a year of posting on this Blog has been covered, ad nauseum. Anyone who believes that Haleigh died from a drug overdose would have to be suffering from amnesia.

At the time of the disappearance of Haleigh, Ronald Cummings held down a good paying job at PDM as a crane operator, who obviously did NOT do drugs (ie, drug tests are required for his PDM job).

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that Ron either did drugs or was trafficking drugs at the time that Haleigh Cummings disappeared.

Cummings – Academy Award Winning Actors?

Watch the above video of Ron, himself, showing the inside of the trailer that he refused to live in after the incident (that is NOT as well known as the one done by Nancy Grace). This NBC Today Show video shows a nice view of Haleigh’s bedroom. Was Ronald Cummings and Teresa Neves just acting in this video? Suspension of Disbelief: To believe the Cummings haters you would have to believe that Ronald and Teresa are world class actors. Now, who is just being silly here?

You would have to pretend that Misty is just an innocent ding-a-ling, rather than the manipulative piece of trash that she clearly is. Not long before Haleigh disappeared Misty had actually tried to force Ron to marry her by claiming that she was pregnant. Personally, I believe that Misty Croslin would NOT have stopped at anything to get Ronald Cummings to marry her (Misty Croslin’s Motives Revisited).

You would, also, have to conveniently forget about the three days of revenge sex and drugs with White Boy Greg Page, as well as the argument that took place during the afternoon and evening of February 9th: Ron would NOT allow Misty to babysit for money.

JVM 02/10/2010: “Now with Ron Cummings, what had happened was that night before the — before Ron went to work, an argument had broken out because Misty wanted to babysit some other kids and Ronald said no, you won`t you`ll be looking after my kids and the argument kept escalating as he went to work and also throughout the — about 7:00 or so at night, and I think that`s when she turned off her telephone, if I recall from the records and also from other interviews, and interviews that I conducted, Ron tried text messaging, calling her and trying to reach her.”

The Man-in-Black Theory has been shown to be nothing but a total fabrication of Crystal Sheffield (Was Crystal Sheffield Lying All Along). It was just about Crystal being too preoccupied with Greg Page. Crazy Crystal was trying to force the attention of LE onto a particular Blackman.

PEE: Misty’s Smoking Gun

Misty Croslin incriminated herself with her preoccupation over Pee!

From the very beginning, Misty was preoccupied with a story about Haleigh having wet her blanket (Has Misty Croslin Gotten Her Story Straight, Yet and Haleigh Cummings – The Women Are Arguing Over Pee). In retrospect, this would have been a very good way for a manipulative Mistry Croslin to have covered up a crime scene by destroying evidence. And, it also would explain why she would even have brought the topic up, to begin with. In short, the fact that the demise of Haleigh took place on a bed created a need for Misty to wash the blanket as well as the motivation for her to talk about why she had washed Haleigh’s blanket.

Arguing over whether or not they had laundry detergent in the trailer is just plain silly. Hot water alone will do a lot to remove crime scene evidence. And, she could even have used almost any other cleaning agent; such as liquid soap for dish washing, or what she used to clean her floors with.