Everybody knows by now that Ronald Cummings was sentenced to 15 years in jail. As far as I am concerned, absolutely nothing new has happened. So, all the journalists involved in the Haleigh Cummings missing person case are recycling old theories in order to fill dead air space. When will this nonsense, all end?

The Flo Hallors’ theory is that Ronald Cummings needed $35,000 to buy Haleigh Cummings back. Of course, this theory was discounted a long time ago when Tim Miller actually raised the $35,000 and Ron was reported to have said that he did NOT know what Tim was talking about.

The latest is Chelsea’s theory where Haleigh died from a drug overdose and Misty and Tommy were ordered by Ron to get rid of the body. Please!!! Does this theory make sense to anyone? Ronald Cummings is going to treat his own child like trash? If this was true, then why in the world wouldn’t Tommy Croslin have ratted out Ron, his long time enemy, a long time ago?

Everybody is afraid of Ronald Cummings Theory: Misty is still shaking because of her fear of Ron. Ha, … Hah, Ha: do NOT make me laugh! That is why Misty came back from living with big bad cousin Joe in Tennessee to Florida in order to start her own prescription drug gang because she is so afraid of Ron.

Now we hear that Misty has ratted out her brother Tommy. After all, LE was NOT buying that cousin Joe did it so she had to blame it on somebody else. That only leaves poor Tommy. Believe me if that was true, brother Tommy would have been history long ago. I believe that Misty is just trying to save her own arse. Likewise, Tommy NOT ratting out Misty can mean only one thing. Both of them are heavily involved in the death of Haleigh Cummings.

UPDATE: Ronald Cummings – Here We Go Again

While Chelsa’s presentation on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell might have sounded impressive, I don’t think that it was anything, but a Croslin-by-marriage attacking the ONLY non-Croslin member in the mix: Ronald Cummings.

Let us not forget how Chelsa had attacked Flo Hollars in Females Fight It Out Over Haleigh for not sticking up for her family members.

Chelsea Croslin: “Ms. Hollars has not been around our family for the last seven years that I have been with the Croslins. I have met Flo Hollars maybe two times. She is not involved in our family, so I don`t know why she would want to hurt and implicate three of her grandchildren. It`s just very sad that she would do that.”

Nancy Grace catches Chelsea Croslin lying about Flo Hollars

NANCY GRACE: “… she is lying [ie, Chelsea Croslin] about it. To Marlaina Schiavo. What do we know about Ms. Hollars and her communications and her relationship with the grandchildren? Because she was very specific and detailed in what she said they told her from behind bars.”

MARLAINA SCHIAVO, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: “Not only was she very specific, Nancy, but we know from all the jailhouse conversations that they have had a lot of contact. And a lot of times, you hear them say, I need to call Nanny, Tell Nanny to write me. So there was a relationship here. But according to Chelsea Croslin, there was not much of a relationship. So again, lots of inconsistencies in what we`re being told.”

In Female Enablers in the Disappearance of Haleigh I had made the connection that one of the major reasons that solving this crime has taken so long is because the females have been intentionally enabling the criminal behavior of all the males in this extended family. Here we see Timmy’s wife refusing to accept the possibility that either Misty, Cousin Joe, or Tommy had done something unspeakable to Haleigh.

According to Chelsa, big bad Ron is to blame for everything. Well I am sorry. Misty has a mouth. She, NOT Ron, was the person babysitting Haleigh. She is the one who has the responsibility of opening her trap and telling the authorities exactly what had happened that fateful night. Misty Croslin most certainly has been flaunting her lies, and arrogant attitude to the press, more than Ron ever has. Guilty of murder or not, Misty Croslin most certainly should pay the price for failing to come clean at the very least.