Ronald CummingsLevi Page on his latest Blog Talk Radio broadcast did a very good job of laying out the case against Ronald Cummings. Is Ron’s plea deal with LE just a bunch of junk and more lies or is it some of the truth about what had happened the night Haleigh went missing?

I had last caught up with Levi on Levi Page Makes It Big Time. And, who could ever forget that Levi Page is Much Better than Simon Barrett?

In Haleigh Cummings Mystery Heats Up [Download]; Levi Page joined on Wednesday September 8th journalist Art Harris, attorney Kim Picazio, defense attorney Raymond Giudice and criminal profiler Pat Brown in a fast moving 40 minute broadcast about a behind the scenes look at the behavior of Ronald Cummings.

Art Harris as a professional journalist played it pretty much close to the vest about what Ron had told LE in his plea deal with investigators with little interest in personally condemning Ron’s behavior. While both Levi Page and Kim Picazio got very involved with how Ron was an academy award winning actor playing for the camera, who off-camera was always more interested in sex, drugs, and having a good time than in playing the legitimate role of a grieving parent. Regular guest Pat Brown provided a psychological profile of Ron. Raymond Giudice, who often has a big banner advertisement on the very top of Art Harris’ Blog, is finally a lawyer who would take my legal advice. Ray says that Ron should not have made a plea deal at this point. He should have gone to trial, and have forced the prosecution to play their cards first. And, if things did not go well at sentencing then and only then at that point should Ronald Cummings have gotten a Queen for the Day plea deal agreement by way of a sentence modification motion. Raymond clearly does NOT believe in whoever rats first, wins theory.

I agree with Ray. Cry wolf one too many times and LE simply wont be interested in your lies anymore even if you try to rat the others out first.

Personally, I have always been against Misty Cummings. Nor, have I witness any of Ron’s off camera behavior. None of the principal players in the Haleigh Cummings disappearance tragedy have been behaving normally, IMHO. If Kim had seen Ron on the Nancy Grace show give everybody the finger, then so would have his mother and grandmother. Are Annette Sykes and Teresa Neves likewise just playing to the camera, and also involved in all the lies and cover up?

Ron’s abnormal behavior can be explained by an alcoholic and drug addicted personality type who honestly believes that Haleigh was dead from day one. Cummings as an addictive type prefers to numb out his pain by having fun and getting high all the time. People so involved in drugs and criminal behavior simply as a rule do NOT cooperate with the police as part of their male honor code. Whereas, we have all seen that Misty Croslin once personally threaten and injured has absolutely no problems with calling 911.

It is also rather clear to me that so far; LE has ONLY bought into Ron’s offer. None of the other convicted individuals have offered LE anything remotely believable and of value, and that clearly includes Misty. Whatever Ronald Cummings has given up, the Putnam County investigators are clearly interested in it.