Wicked Misty Croslin with a makeoverTime waits for nobody, as Misty Croslin’s pending doom in Florida’s legal justice system approaches closer and closer.

This latest post of mine is a potpourri of information surrounding the most recent happenings around the drug travails of Misty Croslin, or some of the most recent and notable sideshows on the Haleigh Cummings missing person / homicide case.

Oh, by the way. This is NOT the much awaited for Exposé post that I anticipate will knock both Simon Barrett and BNN for a loop.

Nany Grace on Donna Brock

Nancy Grace on Friday’s show went over some old material on Donna Brock. By now the entire world should know that Donna Brock has been sentenced to 15 years in jail. Seems like the same news story has been reported several times over several months. On her show, Nancy wanted to know if Donna Brock knew anything about Haleigh.

In my opinion, if Donna knew anything she would have sang like a bird long ago. This bit that she was only trying to solve the Haleigh Cummings mystery is pure public relations B/S. Brook is merely trying to save face by putting a positive spin on her 15 year jail sentence.

I recall the Donna Brock road rage incident. I also recall a few stories about Donna’s dentist, and how Brook introduced him to Misty Croslin. The dentist was so taken with Misty that he allegedly had worked on her teeth for free.

Seems to me that Donna Brock probably had no idea that Florida had a 25 year minimum mandatory drug sentence for a crime that would only have gotten her 3 years behind bars in Texas.

I simply think that Donna was in it for the easy money.

Simon Barrett is Clueless As Usual

Here is an interesting quote straight from the mouth of Jan Barrett.

“My husband, Simon Barrett and I run BloggerNews.net.”

So, what was that again about the BNN boys not caring about how many hits that their posts on BNN are getting?

As you may or may not already know, Simon Barrett has been running his own Blog at Narwo.com since December 2009. Its strange name “stands for News And Reviews With Opinions! And we have lots of opinions.” This minor expose on it is provided as background information for the following Kim Picazio update. Simon knows as much about running this WordPress blog of his as he does about running BNN: Next to Nothing!

In brief, Simon managed to get approximately 194 web pages from narwo.com into the Google search engine Web index. But what this clueless wonder does NOT realize is that Google considers only 18 of those pages to be good. The rest of Simon’s Web pages from his Blog are in Google’s supplemental index. According to Google, his last quality post was made back on January 10th, 2010. Google is indexing none of his current posts at all. That means Simon that Google is now ignoring all of your new posts. Google decided to ignore everything new from narwo.com back in June 2010. Thus, while narwo.com does have advertisements on it, I can assure the public that as the owner; Simon is making absolutely no money off of Haleigh on his blog.

Simon Barrett has made his telephone number and physical address public information.

Simon Barrett has made his telephone number and physical address public information.

Adding insult to injury, Simon Barrett clueless as usual, has failed to realize that he has managed to make his telephone number and physical address of his residence public information. Simon lives in Apartment B in Picayune, MS.

Thus, I have more reasons than ever to believe in the future, that the BNN boys will continue to play nice with moi. 🙂

Kim Picazio Update

Yesterday evening, I received a new email from Kim. It was about a recent post that Simon just made on his blog. Apparently, Mr. Barrett posted some non-public documents concerning his foreclosure non-news story. Simon Barrett appears to have been steamed about foreclosures ever since I had announced to the world that I had made a bargain purchase from Fanny Mae, some three months ago. No sooner was Simon’s post, posted then he deleted most of its content. Seems that he had released some non-public information, allegedly in error. Unfortunately, due to Simon’s ineptness at running a Blog (explained above), that post was never crawled by Google. Thus, I am unable to view his original version.

Simon Barrett did manage to make a comment on the bottom of it, however.

“How is the search for a new house going? With the economy in the toilet there should be some really good bargains out there. Or should I pull those docs as well?”

My advice to the Barretts as apartment dwellers is that they would do well to buy a foreclosure property of their own. Perhaps, that way the BNN boys would have something constructive to do with their time?

Speaking of documents, should I release my public information, Simon? 🙂

If anyone is interested in the foreclosure story, I will refer you to STOP PUTTING FAKE WORDS IN LAWYER LADY’S MOUTH. That posts appears to reference a statement made by KP.

UPDATE: Is Misty Croslin About to Move On?

Locating who owns BNN is both easy to do, and rather obvious. All you have to do is locate the copyright notice which is usually located on the dead bottom center of each webpage. The copyright owner of BNN is as follows.

Local Info Company. Inc.
4048 East Lake Rd
Livonia, New York 14487
Phone: 877-381-9285
Fax: 877-381-9285

They appear to be a major operation with about 6 Sr. Vice Presidents that are listed in LinkedIn on the Web. This company, also, owns another web site called legalinfo.com, as well as a number of trademarks. Everything about the Local Info Company indicates a major money making operation.

For those interested in making a complaint, I located Melissa Everett who is listed in LinedIn as the Internet Relations Coordinator at Local Info Company. I came across an email address that would suggest that Melissa can be contacted directly at the following.