Misty Croslin finally went for a makeover in jail. Despite her vow to her mother Lisa to never cut her hair, Misty showed up in court this morning with a new shorter haircut.

Misty Croslin Pleas No Contest

On Monday, August 16th, Misty Croslin against all logic entered a plea of No Contest to seven drug trafficking charges in Putnam county.

Whatever Tommy Croslin’s bargaining chips were, Misty certainly has a lot less to offer LE in the way of plea dealing. She apparently is seeking to obtain a measure of revenge against Ronald Cummings for his attempt to get his sentenced reduced by ratting her out during her trial. Misty must be thinking that without a trial, Ron’s chances of having LE accept his plea deal will be slim to none. However, on the contrary the way I see it, Ronald Cummings could still testify against Misty at her pre-sentencing hearing and totally torpedo the Babysitter from Hell’s only chance of getting youthful offender status.

The way I see it, Putnam County is going to throw the book at her and with seven counts of drug trafficking she will probably end up spending the rest of her life in jail.

Facing that much time behind bars, you would certainly would want to be able to get the sentence overturned on appeal, even if it takes twenty-five years for that to happen and that means only one thing: Trial by Jury. Pleading no contest in Putnam County is just plain dumb. Pleading no contest means that even if Florida eventually were to decide to overturn its harsh minimum mandatory sentencing for drug crimes, stupid is as stupid does Misty Croslin will still end up rotting in jail forever.