Totally as expected Hank “Tommy” Croslin Jr., one of the last persons to see Haleigh Cummings alive, was sentenced to 15 years behind bars Friday August 6th 2010 for being dumb as a rock. Tommy was reported to have stated, “God is with me.” He might as well have said that my attorney has got a plea deal in the works. He can kiss his family goodbye as Lindsy Collins, the mother of Tommy’s children, wants a normal life. I do believe that this was about the fifth time that Hank was arrested for breaking the law within the last year. Now, Tommy will have 15 years to ponder the question why the state of Florida has been picking on him so much of late. Could it have anything to do with him being a career criminal living with the CROSLINS – NEIGHBORS FROM HELL?

I had last caught up with this possible murderer in: “Is Tommy Croslin Nuts?” I shall say again that Tommy could have requested a jury trial whose decision and sentence would have been appealable. Unlike, Ronald Cummings nothing in the press or actions of the Florida Judicial System ever indicated that a plea deal was in the works for Hank Croslin, Jr.

Tommy has a great lawyer who complained about how badly he was being treated in the Putnam County lockup. Werter talked Tommy into pleading no contest to his drug trafficking charges so that for all practical possibles an appeal would be virtually impossible. Wonder how long before his fellow inmates figure out that Tommy Croslin helped to do away with five year-old Haleigh Cummings?

Then we have Misty Croslin, babysitter from Hell, who is still patiently waiting for LE to “move on.” Poor Misty, with her momma and papa locked up in jail who is she going to sob to on the telephone? She is still trying to play her “I was only 17” card. Have not 14 year-olds been prosecuted as adults for a very long time? Nevertheless, if she is smart enough to stick with a jury trial, Misty is potentially the only one of the Croslin clan who might actually be able to walk away from this LE entrapment drug sting.

Teresa Neves and Annette Sykes, Haleigh’s grandmother and great-grandmother, are in denial as ever about everything from the death of Haleigh to the status of the Cummings family. One or both of them will probably pass away before Ronald Cummings gets out of jail.

I wonder what Teresa Neves and Annette Sykes think about Ron’s babysitter from Hell, now?