Just look at what Beth Holloway’s obsession with catching van der Sloot has done now.

Just about all the information that was reported initially on this van der Sloot incident by the press has turned out to be totally wrong.

But at this point, it looks like Beth’s $15,000 and the FBI’s $10,000 extortion sting money related to the Natalee Holloway case was used by Joran van der Sloot to finance the killing of an innocent Peruvian woman. Without this obsessed mother’s money the chances are that van der Sloot would never have been in Peru, let alone had the opportunity to kill this Peruvian woman.

Have it as you may, Joran has reportedly confessed to Stephany Flores’s murder. Liar’s lie, so I would not believe anything that this van der Sloot character has to say about anything. Nor do I really believe anything currently being reported by the press about a slam dunk confession. No doubt, Joran is attempting to scheme his way out of this mess.

If you were to believe in the Peruvian criminal justice system, then Joran is likely to recieve a 35 year sentence. A sentence that I might add that Joran is NOT likely to survive. Do Peruvian prisons have isolation cells? I rather doubt it. I would be amazed if Joran manages to survive more than one year in the general population of the unimaginably bad living conditions of a Peruvian prison.

So, what is next with this obsessed Beth Holloway? Will her obsession waste American taxpayer money on a totally unnecessary extortion trial? Or worst yet, will Beth’s obsession help get van der Sloot out of a Peruvian prison?

As for me, I am expecting Joran van der Sloot to some how get himself extradited to the Netherlands to serve out his prison sentence. Joran gave up way too easily, on this murder, so perhaps he knows something that we do NOT? You know, a little bit of international treaty information that Nancy Grace is saving for a forthcoming 5 minute segment on an otherwise time wasting hour show of repeat videos. If Beth Holloway refuses to give it up, Sloot might actually end up in an American prison. Beth is crazy, after all.

Van der Sloot – Update

The alleged crime that Sloot allegedly committed is ONLY about the latest tragedy of Stephany Flores in Peru, rather than Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Shame on Beth Holloway for hogging the spotlight.

Of course, there might be at least two more victims who likewise are the unintended consequences of this obsessed mother supplying this creep with the funds to finance Sloot’s Casino doing ways.