Hope Sykes or Misty Croslin?

Hope Sykes or Misty Croslin?

The St. Johns County Circuit courtroom Tuesday was packed as extra reporters and television crews jockeyed for the little space available to get a clear look at Hope Sykes.

Oops! This photo is actually of the new Misty Croslin who is starting to look more and more like Hope Sykes every day.

The judge in St. Johns County scheduled Misty Croslin’s trial on a drug trafficking charge for August 23rd which just so happens to be the same date that her drug trial is scheduled for in Putnam County.

Naturally, the defense attorney Robert Fields did NOT mention the date conflict to the judge. Any type of a delay is in the favor of the defense. Obviously, once the loony court system finally figures out that there is going to be a problem, presto, bingo you got another one or two month delay to the trial date, without the defense even having to file a single motion. Now, Misty will be able to see her brother get sent up the river before her trials even start.