Is Tommy Croslin Nuts?

Is Tommy Croslin Nuts?

The trial date for Misty Croslin has been set, while Tommy pleaded no contest to two drug charges in court Thursday morning.

Misty Croslin will stand trial on August 23rd, on seven drug charges in Putnam County.

Tommy Croslin was also in court Thursday morning in Palatka. He entered a no-contest pleas to charges of trafficking in hydrocodone and possession of hydrocodone.

Tommy’s lawyer says that “He wants to get this behind him and move on”. While he is entitled to his opinion, I would say that Tommy is more likely to be throwing the rest of his life away. Perhaps Tommy has a deal; perhaps NOT. But it looks like to me that Tommy will be sentenced before Misty even goes to trial. Nor, was any body ever recovered from Shell Harbour. He is facing a minimum sentence of three years behind bars, but the sentence could go as high as 30 years. Need I point out that Tommy has been mighty cocky on his jailhouse videos that 3 years in prison would be absolutely nothing for him. Knowing what has happened to Hope Sykes, I would expect his sentence to be more like 15 years. It appears to me at the very least that the old boy did help cover up the murder of Haleigh Cummings for the better part of a year, after all.

Tommy could have requested a jury trial whose decision and sentence would have been appealable. Further, the judge can always override the sentence imposed by a jury. Hank, Jr must be a gambler because he is basically playing Russian Roulette over whether the judge is going to do him dirty. From what I have seen, justice in Putnam County does NOT really care about people doing the right thing however late. With an entrapment defense and the right jury, Tommy could have even walked. So I ask you. Is Tommy Croslin nuts?