Natalee Holloway’s five-year anniversary on May 30th of her disappearance from Aruba was marred by the death of a 21-year-old female in Peru who was allegedly killed by Joran van der Sloot. After initially fleeing the scene of the crime, Sloot was quickly apprehended by authorities in Chile, South America.

Exactly five years to the day that Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba on May 30th, a brutal murder took place in Peru with many similarities to the Hollloway case.

The murder victim, Stephany Flores, 21, who was killed in a Lima hotel Sunday, was found lying face down on the floor, badly beaten, bloody, and with her neck broken.

Joran van der Sloot is a 22-year-old Dutch citizen who was in Lima, Peru for a poker tournament. A hotel worker, a few hours before Flores was found dead in Sloot’s hotel room, allegedly saw both him and Flores enter.

There are a lot of lurid details being circulated that make the events even more disgusting than they appear to be at first glance.

A criminal complaint filed Thursday in Birmingham, Alabama accuses van der Sloot of trying to extort $250,000 in return for him giving the location of Holloway’s body. Joran was in recent receipt of $15,000 that was paid by the undisclosed victim of this extortion plot.

Joran van der Sloot must have been having a bad day. Or, perhaps he actually started to believe that he could get away with anything. But, if Sloot has a hard time dealing with rejection then that does suggest that Natalee Holloway could have met a violent death in Aruba, after having had rejected Joran’s advances.