Misty Croslin’s letter writing and just plain big mouth that wont shut up continues to dig her deeper into a bottomless pit that even her fancy lawyer wont be able to get her out of. Just wait until the prosecutors start playing a few dozen of Misty’s, Mistyisms for the Judge.

This blogger finally closed on his foreclosure property last Thursday; meaning that I have suddenly gotten something much more important to do with my limited time then following the never ending saga of stupid people, like Misty Croslin and the BNN boys. The best revenge is for everyone to live out their individual lives to the fullest in complete freedom while the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Gang rots in jail. That is what I fully intend on doing. Visitors should expect that this FREE blog will be completely phased out, just as soon as justice is served in court. I will be posting fewer and fewer posts, in the future.

New videotapes have been recently released. Luckily, I came across somebody on YouTube who found the time to edit some of them. Also, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell last night covered the latest updates.

Daddy Croslin: “Don`t be holding nothing back from anybody.”

Misty Croslin: “Daddy, I`m not.”

Dadd: “Get it out there. Let it out. Tell the truth.”

Misty: “I swear on everything I`ve told the truth, Dad. There`s nothing else — I don`t know.”

Misty Croslin is still in La-La Land

Foolish Misty is still worrying about whether or NOT Ronald loves her. Girl, it is long past time to wake up! The judge will set her straight in June. Then Misty will have a lifetime to think about how killing the innocent child of the man that she wanted to marry, out of jealousy and frustration, was NOT exactly the smartest thing to do.

Either directly, or indirectly, Misty clearly allowed Haleigh Cummings to be killed, and then improperly disposed of.

Misty might as well dream on while the rest of the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Gang are hustling to get plea deals. Misty’s goose has been cooked a long time ago from all the comments that she has made on the jailhouse audio and video recordings.

Art Harris: ” Jane, just a few minutes ago I spoke with Robert Fields, Misty Cummings — Misty Croslin`s lawyer, who says she has revealed everything she knows to police. They have her story on tape. And they are now just waiting to hear back from law enforcement. He says, quote, ‘It`s like a garage sale. We`ve put it all out there, and we`re just waiting for someone to buy it.'”

Buy it? I don’t think so. Misty will be the first one to go down for the big count in the Croslin clan, the very first time around.