Misty Croslin is NOT the only jailbird unable to keep her mouth shut. Newly released jailhouse audio in the disappearance of Baby Gabriel contains a lot of incriminating comments. Who says that Tot Mom is not talking?

Missing baby Gabriel just turned one year old on May 3rd.

In newly released video, the two prime suspects: Tot Mom Elizabeth Johnson and Tammi Smith engage in an old fashion catfight that is full of female vitriol.

In the following dialog in this real life human drama, Elizabeth fingers Tammi and perhaps Jack Smith as the people who had setup the entire illegal adoption scenario that went down in San Antonio, Texas around Christmas time.

Elizabeth Johnson: “Yeah you set it all up they were your friends.”

Tammi Smith: “No they weren’t! Then what’s their names if they’re my friends?”

Elizabeth: “I don’t know you set it all up in San Antonio.”

Tammi: “I talked about San Antonio? Elizabeth I don’t know anyone in San Antonio, they already did the research and found I don’t know anyone in San Antonio. There are no dots that connect me to you in San Antonio.”

Elizabeth: “Then it was Jack’s friends like you said.”

It appears from this tape that Tot Mom Elizabeth Johnson is definitely suffering from mental problems. Being in a very vulnerable emotional state, Tot Mom had the misfortune to have run into the Smiths at an airport. Being the adoption vultures that they appear to be, Tammi and Jack were quick to take advantage of the situation.

I could see them trying to cash in on an illegal adoption in Texas. Their downfall came from this Tot Mom not being quite as controllable as they had counted on. Adding to the Smith’s dilemma, perhaps their middleman in Texas soon realized just how clueless Tot Mom actually was, and decided to cut the Smiths out of the action?

Unlike Misty and Tommy Croslin, Tammi Smith in this Jailhouse audio did NOT complain about the stupid police spoiling their fun. Rather, Tammi blamed Tot Mom for destroying their lives. From Tammi’s point-of-view, silly Elizabeth should have been more zombie like in following the Smiths’ directives.

According to Tammi Smith, she never broke the law. She was only foolishly trying to help Tot Mom. According to her, dumb Elizabeth has ruined their lives and should pay for it in civil court.

Tammi Smith: “Just so you know we will be suing you.”

Elizabeth Johnson: “For what? What did I do to you?”

Tammi: “For ruining our lives.”

Elizabeth: “You ruined my life!”

Tammi: “I didn’t tell you any lies.”

Elizabeth: “You ruined my life from the very beginning. I trusted you I believed you. You are totally not the person you said you were.”

Tammi: “Elizabeth you have destroyed our lives!”

The good news, if there is any, is that Tammi Smith has been hurting more than she has been claiming in all her press releases. Further, Tot Mom has been talking. LE by now should have quite a few audios of these jailbirds squawking about what actually went down during this sorry affair.