The Haleigh Cummings’ tragedy was once again on last night on both Issues and Nancy Grace. But, their airings of very old information made absolutely no sense. Both airings were irrational.

At the end of the above video a prosecutor made the statement that the notion that of Cousin Joe killing Haleigh was irrational, and made absolutely no sense. Well, I can reply that the killing of Haleigh by anyone for any reason was irrational and made absolutely no sense. Further, everything about the Croslin clan is irrational and makes absolutely no sense.

First, Misty Croslin leaving the safety of Flora Hollars in Tennessee to return to the dangers of Florida was irrational and made absolutely no sense. Had she simply stayed behind, none of the latest drug bust drama would have been going down at all.

It is pretty clear that Cousin Joe was allegedly engaging in the illegal hunting of deer in Florida. Why? So he had free meat that he could use to allegedly feed the alligators at his favorite fishing spot. Could I see Joe illegally hunting deer with an automatic rifle? Absolutely! Could I see a loose cannon who had to return to Tennessee the next day, getting mad at not finding Ron’s gun? Absolutely! Could I see a person who enjoyed killing defenseless deer trapped in the headlights of the blue van moving on to killing a defenseless innocent child? Absolutely!

Nancy Grace’s statement that LE was not interested in a plead deal with Tommy Croslin was irrational and made no sense. LE spent three days and hundreds of thousands of dollars searching Shell Harbor based upon statements made by Tommy. Tommy’s jailhouse videos have been very rational and cut and dry all along. Surely both Tommy and his lawyer would not be talking at all, if Hank Croslin, Jr was not getting some type of a plea deal out of it.

To say that Ronald Cummings has nothing to offer about the drug deals is irrational and makes no sense. In a jury trial, Ronald could clearly finger Misty Croslin as being the mastermind of the Satsuma 4 plus 1 prescription drug gang.