Things are starting to happen in the Haleigh Cummings case once again. It is looking like Ronald Cummings is trying to rat out Misty Croslin, and perhaps some of the others in the Summa 4 Plus 1 prescription drug gang. Plus, new details in Tommy Croslin’s confession has surfaced.

WESH Channel 2 TV has reported only minutes ago that “Cummings accepted a plea deal in exchange for his testimony.”

In Females Fight It Out Over Haleigh we last saw Grandma Flo Hollars rat out Tommy Croslin, Misty, and Cousin Joe. Since then an audio of the actual conversation between Tommy Croslin and Flora Hollars that took place on April 11th has finally turned up.

Art Harris both on his Blog and on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, yesterday, has commented on what Tommy Croslin had previously confessed to Grandma Flo. Did Flo Hollars lie about what Tommy told her? I will leave it up to you to decide, but it looks like to me that Flo’s account was pretty accurate even if the Grandma did managed to embellish it somewhat. Do NOT forget that Flora Hollars is the person living with Joe Overstreet in Tennessee. She is the same Grandma who spent ten days with Misty Croslin.

Of course, nothing really has changed about Tommy’s confession. In Liars Lie, Or What Happened to Haleigh we previously learned that Tommy is willing to lie in order to get out of jail. So, who would be dumb enough at this point to believe anything that Tommy Croslin has to say in order to get out of jail?

Personally, I am getting mighty tired of liars lying, the street criminal element in general, and druggies in particular. It all boils down to the fact that these low-lifes did NOT do well in school and cannot read English at all. If Misty had trouble getting a job, then maybe it had something to do with how badly her handwritten job applications looked? No matter how often you try to have a legitimate conversation with a liar, the only thing that these people are really interested in doing is scamming you. As far as I am concerned, the farther that I can get away from the criminal element in our society the happier that I will be. Liars lie, and I have better things to do than play their games, no matter who is doing the lying.

They are the ones with the problem, NOT me. They are the ones who own a problem that only they themselves can fix. The sooner that they start wasting their own time fixing their problem(s), the happier that I will be. 🙂

In Drug Sting – Ronald Cummings’ Big Mouth we have witness Ronald Cummings and Mistry Croslin both scamming the undercover agent out of drugs. Give them the opportunity and these people will rob you blind the first opportunity that they get. It appears to me, that this time both Ron and Misty got out-scammed by LE. No matter what happen to Haleigh and who actually did it, Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin are in a pickle that they themselves created. Their pickle is the end result of a lifetime of their decision-making. I predict that they will be spending the rest of their lives trying to scam themselves out of jail.