Well, there you have it. Last night on Nancy Grace we learned that Tommy Croslin previously lied to LE in order to get out of jail. Now, both Misty and Tommy Croslin have been reportedly telling more tales in order to get out of jail. Is LE really that dumb?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Has LE learned from their mistakes? Or, are they continuing to let both Misty and Tommy Croslin repeatedly take advantage of them? Please tell me, that LE spent hundreds of thousand of dollars searching Shell Harbour based upon a very creditable source rather than the need for the BNN Boys to post on another sideshow.

Of the three alleged sources for the credible source that resulted in LE searching Shell Harbour, that leaves hope only with retired FBI agent, Steve Brown who has subsequently in the press claimed to have solved the mystery. Art Harris has previously reported that Steve’s tip to LE was based upon an interview that that he had with Misty’s brother, Tommy Croslin. Please tell me, that it ain’t so.

These sorry newscasters have come up with at least a dozen different scenarios as to what had happen to Haleigh Cummings, even if Nancy Grace claims that there were only eleven.

  1. Ronald’s Dumb Bit*h Theory – “Misty Croslin asleep. When she woke up, Haleigh’s gone.”
  2. Grapevine Rumors – “Croslin wasn’t home that night. Unknown kidnapper.”
  3. Sexual Assault theory (Misty Croslin to Flo Hollars) – “Overstreet and Tommy Croslin assault, rape the little girl, kill her, dump her body.”
  4. Nay Nay Letter Theory – “Haleigh overdosed at a drug party.”
  5. The Jealousy Motive, according to Flo Hollars – “Croslin hit Haleigh on the back of the head. Croslin and Overstreet dispose body.”
  6. Tommy Croslin to Flo Hollars – “Overstreet takes Haleigh, tied rope and cinderblock around her, threw her in the St. John’s dead or alive.”
  7. Crystal Sheffield – “Man in black, unknown stranger.”
  8. Misty Croslin’s Dream State – “Four people in the trailer the night Haleigh vanished. They took Haleigh.”
  9. One of over 4,000 tips – “Timmy and Chelsea helped hide Haleigh. She was spotted in Massachusetts.”
  10. Voice Message sent to Tim Miller – “Someone holding Haleigh, demanding $35,000 to get her back.”
  11. Bouncing Couch Motive – “Croslin out partying, having party time, drugs, et cetera, says Haleigh saw it and said, I’m telling Daddy, and gets killed “
  12. The ever-popular Ron did it theory – Haleigh died from Ronald Cummings backslapping her.

On the other side of tabloid journalism, where readers give their consent to be jerked around, we have the BNN Boys who recently interviewed Peter Hyatt and did an exposé on Statement Analysis. I am sorry, but even if you spell the name correctly, Simon Barrett, Statement Analysis is still nothing more than quackery that is very much akin to handwriting analysis.

Lie detector tests, voice stress analysis, hypnosis, psychic readings, statement analysis, and handwriting analysis are good for parlor tricks and an evening of fun and games. However, none of them are accepted as proof in a court of law, and for good reason. They simply are not valid, nor are they anywhere close to being 100% reliable.

One could say that Statement Analysis is about as reliable as what both Misty and Tommy Croslin have been telling LE in order to get out of jail.

The only thing that one can conclude from this sorry tale is that those perpetrators who where smart enough to have fled the area, are going to end up escaping prosecution over Haleigh’s disappearance. Only time will tell, if LE will ever arrest anyone for Haleigh’s murder. Cousin Joe was right; Satsuma is a good place for getting away with murder thanks to its native population of alligators.

Tune in next time, where we will continue to see both Misty and Tommy Croslin trying to lie their way out of jail, while Cousin Joe smiles in Tennessee at his dumb relatives.