The Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Drug Bust Gang

The Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Drug Bust Gang

Hopes Sykes previously pleaded no contest on bum legal advice. And, gets sentenced to 15 years in jail, today, plus a $250,000 fine for being a passive passenger in the backseat of the undercover officer’s car.

We last caught up with Hope Sykes in the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Drug Bust. From watching all of the drug bust videos, I recall that Sykes was a passive passenger in the backseat of the car one time. In the drug bust video, she and Misty Croslin had got out of the car together to score some drugs. Had this case gone to trial, I think that a law student still in school could have gotten Sykes off the drug trafficking charge.

Circuit Judge Terry LaRue sentenced her to 15 years in prison, which is the minimum mandatory sentence for this crime.

Reportedly, the foolish young girl who had the bad luck of being related to Ronald Cummings had been out of jail less than two weeks on a drug possession charge, when she was arrested in the trafficking case. This obviously was a very bad position to be in. Her lawyer had the duty to have informed her that, that disqualified her for youthful offender consideration. Hopes Sykes received some extraordinarily bad legal advice to plea no contest to this crime.

The bottom line was that this girl was sentenced to 15 years in jail for what she had said in just one of her jailhouse phone calls.

Sykes: “You know, I [beep] up. I’m not going to boot camp. I’m telling you what, they think I’m bad now, wait ’til I get out of that. … I ain’t getting no 15 years, mandatory or nothing. They can kiss my [beep].”

Further, how can an indigent person with no job prospects possibly pay a $250,000 fine? Will that cut into her canteen fund? Will it come directly out of jailhouse pay when she is paid 50 cents a day for doing laundry?

If the most innocent of the perpetrators gets 15 years, basically for being a passive passenger, because of losing self-control in just one of her phone calls then extrapolating her sentence to Misty Croslin, the one-time step mom is looking at receiving a life sentence behind bars.

The best part of it was that Ronald Cummings saw Hope Sykes being sentence to 15 years, in person. 🙂

Cases decided by a judge rather than by a jury are for all practical purposes non-appealable. That pretty much goes double for anyone pleading no contest to a crime. Just about the only issue, possible to be raised upon appeal for Hope Sykes is that incompetent council represented her.