Haleigh’s great-grandmother and Misty Croslin’s grandma fought it out over what had happen to Haleigh. Later, Timmy’s wife calls in from Massachusetts to dump on Flo.

Annette Sykes

Annette is Ronald Cummings grandmother. She looks like she is big enough to backhand Ron. She owns the trailer where Ronald Cummings had been living after him and Misty moved out of the double-wide trailer that Haleigh disappeared from.

The best evidence that Ronald Cummings did NOT directly cause the death of Haleigh comes from Annette Sykes who claims that Haleigh was alive at 7:30 pm on February 9, 2009.

Annette Sykes: “I stopped by about 7:30[pm] to drop off some laundry that I had done. I always did the children’s laundry just because it’s something I’ve always done. And the children were on the front porch with Misty. They were eating supper. And when we drove up, Haleigh jumped out of her chair and come running up and gave me a hug. And Junior came out and gave me a hug, and I gave them a kiss. And Misty walked out. She helped carry some of the clothes into the house and got the children’s shirts on, and they got back up to eat supper. I gave them a kiss, told them good-bye, and I got back in the car and left.

I heard what she said on your show about Ronald being responsible because he left the children with her and she was all strung out. But I was there, and she was not strung out. I mean, she was walking and talking just — I mean, I talked to her. Like I said, she helped me carry the laundry in. She had fixed supper for the children. They were eating.”

If it was NOT Ronald, then that leaves only three choices.

Misty could have done it out of jealousy of all the attention that Haleigh was getting from Ronald Cummings. Actually, this just so happens to have been one of my first Haleigh Cummings motives that I had established months ago.

Flo Hollars

Flo Hollars is Misty’s grandmother from Tennessee. She is the one Misty had lived with for a few weeks, after her divorce from Ron and immediately after her entertainment episode with Donna Brock that was financed by Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch.

In this particular episode of Nancy Grace, Flo pretty well described the rape and murder of Haleigh Cummings, the most graphic parts of which have been left out of this post.

Beyond the gun theory, both Cousin Joe and Tommy had allegedly sexually abused Misty Croslin in the past. There is, thus, obviously a possibility that one or both of them were sexually abusing Haleigh that night. A motive for doing away with Haleigh that I had developed months ago was her big mouth. If the Satsuma Boys had sexually abused Haleigh that night, then the only way to keep her from telling Ron what had happen was to kill her from their point of view.

Let us not forget the big fight Misty had with Ronald. Misty was mad at Ron, and jealous of Haleigh. Thus, Misty could have been inclined to let the Satsuma Boys do away with Haleigh that night. All it would have taken is one loose canon to start an irrevocable chain of events that resulted in Haleigh’s death.

Nancy Grace: “Isn’t it true that there has been a scenario put out there, and it had to come from behind bars, that Misty Croslin heard the child in the next room screaming?”

Flo Hollars: “Yes.

According to what she told me when all this was going on, she’d already had been threatened by Joe, and she grabbed Junior and got into bed, and they covered up their heads completely. And when she took the covers off of her head, Haleigh was gone.”

Chelsea Croslin

Chelsea Croslin is Timmy’s wife. Timmy is, of course, one of Misty’s brothers. The couple moved from Satsuma, Florida to Cape Cod, Massachusetts soon after Haleigh disappeared. These are the people who had borrowed the blue van from Lindsey and Tommy Croslin (i.e., Misty’s other brother).

In Female Enablers in the Disappearance of Haleigh I had made the connection that one of the major reasons that solving this crime has taken so long is because the females have been intentionally enabling the criminal behavior of all the males in this extended family. Here we see Timmy’s wife refusing to accept the possibility that either Misty, Cousin Joe, or Tommy had done something unspeakable to Haleigh.

Chelsea Croslin: “For one, I don’t believe that they gave their grandmother jailhouse confessions at all. I think if they did, it would be on tape. I believe that arrests would have already been made. Our family, everybody has been — you know, not us, but Tommy, Misty, Joe has all been taken in for their interrogations. I don’t believe that — anything that Flo Hollars is saying I think is a complete lie. I don’t — I do not see Misty sitting there and listening to her baby cry. I mean, not biological baby, but we loved that child just as much as I love my own. and she would have never let that happen. She would have not sat there and done that. I mean, she could have just easily…

Ms. Hollars has not been around our family for the last seven years that I have been with the Croslins.

I have met Flo Hollars maybe two times. She is not involved in our family. So I don’t know why she would want to hurt and implicate three of her grandchildren. It’s just very sad that she would do that.”

Since Flo had been beaten up pretty badly on this episode of Nancy Grace, the grandma told these two women exactly what she thought of them.

Flo Hollars: “I have not made a penny off this story. I have told exactly what those two kids has told me. And if none of them down there don’t like it, they can kiss where the sun don’t shine!”

Personally, I still favor the Cousin Joe was looking for a gun theory. It was not just any gun, but a machine gun / assault rifle. Given the juvenile mindset of the Croslin males and the male preoccupation with guns, this would have given them a reason to have visited Misty that night.

All it would have taken is one loose cannon to get the ball rolling. And, Cousin Joe definitely fits the bill, IMHO. Perhaps, the little brat from their point of view was particularly demanding that night and Misty joined in attacking Haleigh? Perhaps, it was simply a sexual assault that did not go down well because the little brat from their point of view, unlike Misty, refused to shut up?

UPDATE – Females Fight It Out Over Haleigh

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Turner Syndrome

People who suffer from Turner Syndrome (TS) have behavioral problems and learning difficulties.

Women who have TS are further challenged socially because they are disruptive; they blurt out whatever comes to mind and have difficulty learning social skills. A recent study suggests that women with TS may be more disruptive depending on whether the X chromosome comes from the mother or the father.”

Whether you describe it as being “a brat,” “being disruptive,” or just “a handful” this post was written from the perspective of the alleged perpetrators of a homicide that allegedly took place within hours of whatever went down. Anybody who cannot deal with the fact that ALL murders and sexual assaults are violent should immediately stop reading this blog and check themselves into a local mental health facility of their own choice, IMHO.

Further, it is perfectly reasonable for me to believe that the perpetrators of sexual assaults and murders do NOT think very highly of their victims.