Elizabeth Johnson Prepares to Die in the Looney Bin

Elizabeth Johnson Prepares to Die in the Looney Bin

Tot Mom is going head to head with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In a battle of wills, Elizabeth Johnson is threatening to starve herself to death rather then eat her new nutritious prison diet that she claims is full of rotten vegetables and worms.

Tot Mom’s diet for the last two weeks consists of a nutra-loaf made of nonfat dry milk powder, an assortment of fruits and vegetables, chili powder, and bread dough all compacted into one solid brick-like loaf.

Unlike Casey Anthony and Misty Croslin, Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of missing baby Gabriel, has been living in the Maricopa County jail’s general population. A bit of a problem arose when she sprayed window cleaner in the face of two of her fellow inmates.

Despite the sheriff’s public touting of Johnson as the model inmate, Tot Mom assaulted two other prisoners. As punishment for her actions, she was placed on the jail’s special nutra-loaf diet. The Sheriff’s loaf program was created about 10 years ago to prevent inmates from assaulting detention officers and other inmates. The controversial jail diet just recently passed constitutional muster in the court case Bugoni vs. Coffman.

According to the Arpaio’s office, the Tot Mom gave a detention officer a document that she called My Advanced Directive’s and Will, in which she said she was starving herself to death by refusing to eat Joe’s loaf because it was full of rotten vegetables and worms.

My Advanced Directive & Will
April 9, 2010

I am writing my advanced directive and will because I am incarcerated in Estrella jail and they are starving me and serving rotten food with worms in it. I haven’t eaten in over 7 days and barely can write this. The water… makes us sick. I feel they will let me starve to death rather than feeding me safe, edible food. I don’t want an autopsy, I do not wish to donate any organs/body parts. That is against my religion. I wish my grandmother be contacted [phone number] only. I wish to be cremated right away, put in a box not an urn and brought to mass to be buried above my mother’s grave. I know my grandmother Sylvia [last name] will arrange this for me. White lilies for me is all. I don’t think I’ll have time to have my lawyer notarize this because I am starving and so weak and dehydrated so I will put a tank order in for a notary. I love you Marzzy. I am sorry be happy for us.

Sincerely, Elizabeth Johnson

Fearing the worst, the Tot Mom has been placed in the Maricopa County jail’s Looney Bin for observation as Elizabeth prepares to meet her maker.

What a great idea! Perhaps, inmates Casey Anthony and Misty Croslin should have their canteen food supply cut off and be placed on a strict diet of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s nutra-loaf? With no salt or sugar, whatever would Misty do other than confess her head off?