The search for Haleigh is officially off again, as PCSO has put an end to their exhaustive search of Shell Harbour after the third day. Now, it is time to analyze all of the evidence that they have collected.

We now have the “X” FBI Agent Steve Brown, Grandma Flora Hollars, and Tommy Croslin all claiming that their tips to LE started the search of Shell Harbour. One or more of them must be blowing some smoke. However, I will point out that Art Harris named all three of these characters from day one, unlike BNN, on Nancy Grace.

The real breakthrough, however, came from LE’s recovery of two cinder blocks out of Shell Harbour. If LE can make a connection with these bricks to those found at the trailer where Haleigh disappeared then they will be able to assert that Haleigh was killed at the Cummings home. What abductor is going to return to the scene of the crime in order to pick up a couple of cinder blocks?

In a few months at a crime lab, perhaps some of the other evidence collected will turn out to be one of Haleigh’s tiny bones?


BNN – Best at Kissing Up to PCSO

Throughout this entire breaking news event in the disappearance of Haleigh Cumming, the Blogger News Network (BNN) has done the best and most extensive job of kissing up to PCSO that I have every seen. I bet that Simon will get a Christmas card this year from Sheriff Jeff Hardy.

BNN Man on the Scene Street Sign Bombshell EXCLUSIVE

The BNN Boys man on the scene reporting finally paid off big time for this want-a-be news organization. They were the first to have scooped an exclusive photo of the Shell Harbour Road sign. Honorable mention, also, goes to their photo of the channel 35 news van.

BNN - Man on the Scene Reporting

BNN - Man on the Scene Reporting

I am glad to report that their consistent attempts to trash Emmy Award winning reporter Art Harris has totally failed to accomplish it’s desired effect, as usual.


Annette Sykes says Haleigh is Alive

The fourteen months that it took to solve, the Haleigh Cummings mystery can be accredited to the pressure that the Cummings extended family totally failed to put on anyone, as much as it can be pegged to anything else.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting:

“Neves couldn’t say a lot about the new search, she told NBC’s Meredith Vieira. Neves said the family holds out hope that Haleigh is alive.

Vieira asked Neves how she holds on to the hope. ”A lot of prayer, really that’s all you can do is hope,” Neves said, her voice breaking.”

Just in from the Palatka Daily News:

Annette Sykes: “They’ve got to show me a body or something that definitely proves that she is dead or otherwise she’ll be alive. I’m not going to believe that she’s dead. They’ve got to prove it.”