Joe Overstreet’s grandmother, Ms. Flora Hollars from West Nashville, Tennessee was on both Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace last night. These HLN shows were especially sickening as all the possible death scenarios for Haleigh Cummings were gone over. A drug overdose was the best possible outcome, while being fed alive to the alligators was the worst.

The basic gist of both of these two shows was that all three characters were involved in the death of Haleigh Cummings, to one degree or another: Misty Croslin, Joe Overstreet, and Tommy Croslin. All three of these people have given different stories as to what had happened to Haleigh. One story on Jane Veliez-Mitchell had Misty hitting Haleigh in the head and Joe raping her. However, without any collaborating physical evidence, LE is going to have a very hard time figuring out who did what.

Art Harris: “Well, I walked down to the dock one day with Ronald when I was down there, Jane. And he told me that he and Joe used to go down to the dock, and Joe enjoyed throwing animals out into the river and meat and watching alligators feed on it. Now, I don’t know if that’s a true story or not, but it gives me chills. And it would certainly be somewhat consistent with what Tim Miller told you.”

It appears that the information PCSO had obtained by investigators that led them to believe that Haleigh Cummings is most likely deceased came from Flora Hollars.

Flora Hollars: “What I was told by Misty this morning was that Tommy and Joe took Haleigh and wrapped a yellow rope around her and carried her to the dock and tied a brick around the bottom — the other end of the rope and throwed her into the river. Now, that come from Misty’ mouth into my ear.”

“There’s three grandkids of mine that’s involved in this, and I don’t know why! But I’d sure like to know why. They have no remorse or something. But nobody decided to say anything until I broke Tommy on the phone Sunday. And yes, I’m the one that called the detectives. And yes, I’m the one that sent them to the river!”

There was, also, talk of the murder weapon being a yellow rope. This was supposedly some of the information that Misty had given to investigators on the dock. That would suggest either that Haleigh was strangled to death, or was alive when she was thrown into the river.

I just hope that Misty Croslin finally gets her wish of being put in with the general jail population. At this point, 25 years seems far too short a jail sentence for her.