The search for Haleigh Cummings continued into the second day. LE was tightlipped as usual, as to what they had found. The biggest news item for the day was that Misty Croslin was spotted on the dock in chains talking to investigators.

Misty Tells All

Misty Tells All

Misty Croslin being at the crime scene was highly suggestive that she was an active participant in the disposal of Haleigh Cummings’ body.

Leonard Padilla got in on the act on the Nancy Grace show. Naturally, this bounty hunter had to add something new to the show for him to be interviewed by Nancy. He stated that Timmy’s relatives in Massachusetts had forwarded him a copy of Misty’s letter where she had incriminated cousin Joe. Leonard’s response was that Haleigh was already dead by the time Cousin Joe and Tommy arrived at the trailer.

Maybe so, but from my point of view the gun story is also very real. The incident with the gun did take place. If Joe Overstreet was indeed a wild card prone to doing crazy stuff, the idea that Joe being mad at Ronald Cummings impulsively took off with Haleigh for revenge is very plausible. Normal people would never do anything like that, but drug and criminally minded people certainly would.

Tommy Croslin’s jailhouse tip is being taken very seriously by LE. They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars searching the James River.

The idea that Misty was more concerned over her own safety than that of Haleigh is also very believable due to the audio recordings of a couple of her 911 calls. LE could have brought Misty Croslin to the crime scene on the St. John’s River, as suggested by Leonard Padilla, merely because she had listen to 14 months worth of loose talk about how Haleigh was disposed of.