Haleigh Cummings Mystery Solved!

Gun Toting Cousin Joe, on myspace

Gun Toting Cousin Joe, on myspace

PCSO issued a new press release today concerning a new active search for Haleigh Cummings. The target of the PCSO search is allegedly the St. Johns River between Welaka and Satsuma near County Road 309.

There is very little hard information to go on. Nevertheless, there has been some wild speculation in the media. Most are speculating that the new tip must have come because of a plea deal from one of the Satsuma 4 Plus 1 Gang.



Channel 4’s Tarik Minor “called the search effort “massive,” and included deputies from Putnam, Clay and Marion counties, as well as the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. He said cadaver dogs were also brought to the scene.”

UPDATE to Haleigh – The Search is On!

Simon Barrett on BNN only hours ago has insinuated that a certain person on Nancy Grace last night has divulged the information that PCSO did not want released.

Art Harris on Nancy Grace: “Nancy, I can tell you that the break in this case, as unlikely as it sounds, came from Misty’s brother, Tommy Croslin, and that in an interview that he had with a retired FBI agent, Steve Brown (ph), supposedly an investigator for his lawyer — Brown would not comment — but that he told him that is where they should look and that Tommy led detectives in the last couple of days to this spot on the river with Steve Brown and said that’s where they needed to go look, that this is where her body had been dumped.

He suddenly has confirmed, it looks like, the story that Misty Croslin, his sister, has been telling others in two letters from jail, claiming cousin Joe from Tennessee came into the trailer that night, tried to steal a gun from her then boyfriend, now husband — or now ex-husband Ronald Cummings, couldn’t find, it, got mad, took Haleigh, that Tommy left and Joe left with Haleigh. Joe has denied any involvement. He has a lawyer. He’s talked to investigators a couple of times.

But back to the river bank. It was Tommy who flunked a polygraph in the last few days, my sources tell me, a private polygraph, and he decided finally to come clean. I talked to his grandmother in Tennessee today, Nancy, and she said to me that Tommy was on the phone with her and said — she said he said, I’m just — I can’t keep this to myself any longer. Her name is Flora Holler. She said to me, Well, I asked him, Did Joe do it? And Tommy said yes.”

In times like this, what comes to my mind is Simon Barrett – Stupid is as Stupid Wrote and how the BNN boys were laughing not too long ago about the notion that it was Cousin Joe who had done it (Haleigh Cummings – Did LE Screw-up From Day One?), something that Misty Croslin had been saying from day one.

Putting two and two together, that tells me that Tommy Croslin has ratted out Cousin Joe in some type of a plea deal. Later on Nancy Grace, it was further insinuated that the reason that Misty Croslin has not been talking all along was to cover up her brother’s involvement in the disappearance of Haleigh.

Has not Misty Croslin been telling LE from day one that THEY need to start looking elsewhere? As part of the Croslin clan, Misty was NOT going to rat out her brother under any circumstances. Why the dumb B…h did not immediately call 911 that fateful night is another story.

Looks to me like, Nancy Grace and Art Harris might very well have finally solved the Haleigh Cummings mystery while the BNN Boys waffled because PCSO told them to.