In this episode of the Misty Croslin Show our heroine talks about how she understands Florida’s Youthful Offender Program to work and manages to make a few interesting observations during a heart felt visitation with her father, Hank Croslin.

Looks like the BNN Boys are good for some things some of the time, but left up to their own devices; they are bound and determined to eventually screw-up something as simple as YouTube.

In this episode, MS Croslin covers a number of Mistyisms.

  • Once again brings up the topic of Leonard Padilla bonding her out of jail.
  • The Youthful Offender Program, or 3 in and 4 years out. Misty is going to take it and run. It will be just like a boot camp. Misty voices her concerns about not being able to do push-ups. Papa seems to like the idea.
  • She was taken off her asthma inhaler because she is gaining weight.
  • Kisses up to a couple of the Putnam County judges.
  • Misty wants to do something, rather than sitting on her ass all day.
  • The trial and tribulations of protective custody.
  • She still does NOT care about what other people think.
  • Ms. Croslin inquires again about the bag she had left in her friend’s car with all her stuff in it.

Hank is trying to find work. He believes that he might as well be in jail.


UPDATE: 3 in, 4 Years Out for Misty Croslin

Made my rounds to Blogger News Network (BNN) just to see what in the world Simon was talking about when he commented, below, as follows.

“I have doubts that this comment will get published, but rest assured, it will be published on BNN.

Simon Barrett Comments

Simon Barrett Comments

Yes, I like to have fun every now and then. You wont see me working on holidays, either.

You seem to have a very bad case of an anxiety attack, if I may say so. I recommend good heartily one B-50 (ie, B complex vitamin) once a day, taken during the lunch meal. Plus, one solid week of bed rest is exactly what an uppity know-it-all youngster like youself needs.