First Coast News has reported that William “Cobra” Staubs was in court today in connection with Daniel Snodgrass who had filed a false imprisonment charge against the bounty hunter in 2009. Their report claims that “Staubs entered a no-contest plea to the lesser charge of battery and received one year of probation.”

We had last caught up with this bounty hunter in What Does Cobra Staubs Have to Worry About? It is the video stupid!

The Write Into Action Blog has previously stated that:

“Adding to the mix of confusing professional relationships was Staubs’ business relationship with a … journalist named Art Harris. Staubs told me he had paid Harris $5,000 to cover a few of his investigative activities in Satsuma accompanied by a camera-man.”

If true, this would only tend to support the theory that some dumb crooks, are dumber than others. In addition, it may explain why Staubs entered a no-contest plea to a battery charge in court today.

Why would anyone intentionally commit a crime in front of PCSO, pay to have it recorded on video, and then have it uploaded to YouTube on the Internet?

One can only wonder at this point if the self-appointed vigilante fool has finally figured out who Daniel Snodgrass is? We can, also, ask whether he will try to blame others for his actions on BNN this Sunday?

Need I really point out that under the rule of law self-appointed vigilante fools DO NOT have any right whatsoever to inflict punishment upon those that they feel are guilty of crimes, or whatever? The police, bounty hunters, or prison guards DO NOT have the right to beat up or otherwise abuse prisoners and detainees. No matter how many times the BNN Boys want to whine about it, Cobra got educated as to the rule of law the hard-way. Self-appointed vigilante fools have no more right to take out their frustrations upon prisoners and their detainees than husbands have the right to beat up their wives every time that they feel like it.