It is hard to believe that this blog started out by covering the Caylee Anthony tragedy. I can barely remember a time without Simon and BNN. But, just when you thought that you have seen everything, it turns out that George Anthony could be nothing but a closet Joey Buttafuoco. Can the Cindy and George Anthony saga get any funnier?

Levi Page and Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla first brought up this story last Sunday while Simon Barrett bugged out, but Nancy Grace really nailed it with her coverage of the National Enquirer story.

I don’t know quite what to make of this, but I would say right off that the minute this story showed up in the National Enquirer the allege mistress lost all of her credibility. If this incident ever ends up in the murder trial, the testimony of the alleged mistress can now be easily impeached for doing it all for the money.

Nevertheless, the entire story has provided a much-needed break to laugh at the very angry and snotty George Anthony who put on such a show at the Zenaida Gonzales’ depositions. The number of connections between River Cruz, the alleged mistress, and the Zenaida Gonzales who Casey claimed had allegedly taken off with Caylee is absolutely mind boggling. Some say for example, that River fits the description of Zanny the Nanny perfectly even down to George’s comment about Zenaida being a ten.

River Cruz, the alleged mistress, claims that George Anthony told her that the death of his granddaughter was “an accident that snowballed out of control.”

Can anything that George Anthony has ever said about anything be believed, now?

Thanks to Nancy Grace’s coverage last night, we know that the National Enquirer story says absolutely nothing that we already did not know or have not already seen. But, will a bunch of naughty pictures and text messages eventually show up in the Enquirer?

From my perspective, LE already has enough dirt on both George and Cindy Anthony to prosecute them for perjury before George allegedly pulled this Joey Buttafuoco stunt. But if River Cruz ever manages to come up with some explicit pictures that would independently confirm her allegations then George might have to get a divorce lawyer, in addition to his Real Estate Forecloser, and Criminal Law attorneys.