Some would say that Simon has finally abandoned the little girl. Something that Barrett has ad nauseum repeatedly said that he would never do: Give up on Haleigh. One thing is for sure; Levi Page had absolutely no trouble broadcasting a good show on Haleigh last Sunday.

Tj Hart was the first to drop out for health, family, and employment reasons. Seems that the VOBs were too much for Tj? Or, did Tj Hart finally take my advice? Maybe Misty managed to talk both of the BNN Boys into the ground? Who knows? But Simon Barrett soon threw in the towel on Haleigh, once given the opportunity to make a hasty retreat, thanks to Hart’s sudden change of heart.

I have always questioned the wisdom of the BNN Boys broadcasting a 90 minutes show on Haleigh week after week, when there was absolutely nothing new to report. One can only wonder if they would still be broadcasting on Natalee Holloway this long, just to keep her name in the news?

Their stance would not have been nearly as bad if it was NOT for their constant criticism of other bloggers who had been reporting on Misty Croslin and gang in a more rational manner all along.

To quote Simon Barrett: “It was not long before we were reporting and not regurgitating. I can’t remember the exact set of circumstances, but suddenly we had acquired two new best friends, TJ Hart and William Cobra Staubs.”

Well, yes. Being normal, and running a normal blog: I have been doing little more than “regurgitating” what one thousand other sources have been similarly reporting while adding my own spin to the story. Even though Simon claims that his 90-minute show is “reporting” I would liken it more to a never ending attempt on their part to beat a dead horse mercilessly into the ground.

Simon Barrett on Blog Talk Radio – NOT!

When all was said and done: The Levi Page Show came through while Simon Barrett pooped out big time. Of course, Levi had the ace reporter Art Harris on his show to cover the latest on the Haleigh Cummings investigation even if it did not amount to much more than coverage of yet another Nay Nay Letter debacle. Page reported the news without trying to shape it to suit his own little agenda. Misty after being alerted to the perils of using a get out of jail free card given to her by Leonard Padilla; we are now led to believe has spilled her magic beans in a heart felt letter written to one of her relatives where she rats out once again Cousin Joe and her brother Tommy in a manner reminiscent of Joran Van Der Sloot’s latest confession. Maybe we should all be thankful that Cobra gave up on the Haleigh show, long ago? Otherwise, we would have seen an illegible copy of Misty’s letter show up on Blogger News Network by now. And, we would be listening to yet more whining about how Nay Nay’s letter should have been believed all along.

Here again, one could question the rationality of the BNN Boys for doing a Haleigh Cummings update, holiday after holiday, and then abruptly giving up for no good reason. Could it be, that they were WRONG, all along?

Elsewhere, Nancy Grace had a kissy-fit over Misty Croslin spending $350 in just one month. While more audiotapes have revealed just how extraordinary extensive Misty’s support system is. All kinds of fans are now sending her money. Misty’s harsh jailhouse life now consists of sleeping, eating, phoning home, ordering from the jail canteen, scraping salt off of pretzels, and even more sleeping.