Yesterday, Nancy Grace’s bombshell barely got a yawn out of me, as it was several days old. However, Leonard Padilla dropped a real bombshell when he causally reported that Misty Croslin had seen Cousin Joe from Tennessee in the doorway with Haleigh on the night that she had disappeared.

As you may recall Joe Overstreet, Misty’s cousin from Tennessee, was the person of interest from the very start of the investigation into Haleigh’s disappearance. Misty Croslin accused Joe Overstreet as being the most likely suspect, right from the start. And, didn’t she once call him crazy and even accused him on national TV of being a criminal all his life?

Cousin Joe Overstreet

Cousin Joe Overstreet

Recall how Misty Croslin had raised some eyebrows when she revealed under hypnosis that she had remembered a dream like state that involved 4 shadowy people the very night that Haleigh had vanished. According to Leonard Padilla on Nancy Grace last night Timmy’s wife in Massachusetts told him that Misty had revealed to her that Cousin Joe was one of these shadowy figures.

Tj Hart, news director of WSKY FM 97.3 in Gainsville, Florida is alleged to have reported that:

“Joe Overstreet had used a brick to prop open the door during previous break-ins.”

Further, just prior to Haleigh’s disappearance Cousin Joe supposedly had a fight with Ronald Cummings over a stolen gun. That gun turned up in a ditch. Joe was rumored to have threatened revenge after the fight was over.

Art Harris has reported that Joe Overstreet had borrowed the blue van from Misty’s sister-in-law the night that Haleigh went messing, had moved the car keys, and allegedly returned it with a scratch on the side.

Further, Joe immediately leaving Florida to return to Tennessee after Haleigh disappeared was very suspicious.

Everything fits with the theory that Joe Overstreet had taken off with Haleigh that night, except for the fact that LE had cleared him of all involvement almost from day one. Of course, if the police were too quick to have cleared Cousin Joe, that would answer a lot of questions. Then again, Misty Croslin, also could have concocted the whole episode. She obviously could have easily propped open the back screen door, herself, with a cinder block in order to frame her Cousin from Tennessee for the crime.

Art Harris has since reported a denial that was allegedly made by Chelsea .

“What I heard was that Joe was standing over her in the bedroom,” Chelsea went on, “and that she woke up and got scared.”

The day Haleigh turned up missing, Chelsea tells me Joe was putting up Haleigh posters, then split for Tennessee.

I would call this development a big so what. I still find this theory very believable. Imagine a family relative denying what they had previously said when put on the line. Try telling me something that I do NOT already know. Everyone of them is a liar in my book.

Chances are that whatever happen to Haleigh Cummings that night, she was transported in the blue van. Somebody had to have drove that van that night. Could easily have been Cousin Joe. All that is required for this theory to be true is for LE to have bungled the case from day one by not making the cousin a person of interest, which is something that is extremely believable. LE bungles crime investigations beyond repair all the time.

Cousin Joe immediately splitting for Tennessee is still a fact and is still highly suspicious. Furthermore, Misty Croslin is in jail because of a drug bust that has absolutely nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance. So, to casually toss off the Cousin Joe theory because Misty is in jail while cousin Joe is not; is absolutely ludicrous.