Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings, aka “Baby” got busted together on Wednesday, January 20th. Wasn’t that romantic? How thoughtful of LE to arrest the lovebirds together. The couple that got busted together is now expected to stay together in jail for at least twenty-five years. Bounded together by love, Misty and “Baby” will now be able to tell the world that both of them went out together, for one last hurrah.

Probably the biggest misrepresentation of this bust made by the media was attributing the “retirement plan” quote to Ronald, which was actually made by the undercover cop. Ronald’s druggie response of it being an “Extra Kickin-It Plan” has been virtually ignored by the press.

The good news is that big uploads to YouTube are entirely possible. This 1:46 long WMV video was close to 52 MB in size. I uploaded it to YouTube with absolutely no problems. This particular video version of the drug bust, boosted the sound volume so that every word uttered by the lovebirds could be clearly understood. In addition, it was an experiment to see if I would be able to improve the video quality by making the WMV video file bigger, a lot bigger in fact.

What do you think? How would you rate the video / sound quality of this one? Was it worth watching one more time?