Levi Page’s latest Blog Talk Radio show ran a 40-minute segment on what was going on in the Haleigh Cummings tragedy. I found his segment on the recent doings of Leonard Padilla most revealing.

Good information on what is going on with Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings inside jail has been next to impossible to come by.

Despite hours and hours of videotapes being released by LE, complete redacted videos are still rather scarce and few between, even after the latest release of DVDs that was made by mail. I have all but given up on the BNN boys ever coming through with these videos. So much for all their B/S about bringing Haleigh home. Actions speak louder than words in my book. They seem more interested in teasing viewers to tune in every week than they are in ever providing up to date, accurate information.

YouTube has the world’s worst search engine. Searches on YouTube are unreliable at best. It has taken a couple of days for my latest video uploads to show up on searches for Haleigh in YouTube. Tj Hart appears to have had a YouTube account (ie, TJHART3) for quite awhile. Yet, I see very little to indicate that Tj is remotely interested in sharing these jailhouse and drug sting videos with the public on YouTube. He seems to be fighting tooth and nail to release as little as possible. So much for his community spirit as far as I am concerned.

Plus, the videos that the BNN boys have managed to release are seriously out of date.

Levi Page’s latest update on Haleigh Cummings (Download) at 29:10 of his broadcast had an interesting segment on Leonard Padilla.

According to what Leonard Padilla said on the Levi Page show, Robert Fields’ cease-and-desist letter dated February 17th was about as illogical as some of Misty Croslin’s jailhouse comments. If Padilla can be believed, he has NEVER spoken with Misty Croslin. In fact communication with Misty is physically impossible for Leonard, unless Ms. Croslin calls him, herself, from jail. Further, Fields cannot legally prevent Padilla from getting in good with Misty’s parents.

Perhaps, instead of sending Padilla his cease-and-desist letters Robert Fields should have been in court filing preemptive motions to block the release of any drug sting videos? Jose Baez, Fields is not.

Furthermore, what Leonard Padilla is rumored to have said about relocating the Croslin family to California is true. Padailla said that he had a brother in the sheetrock business. And, that Hank Croslin has a sheetrock job waiting for him. Apparently, all that Hank and Lisa Croslin have to do is resolve their legal issues in Florida, and that it would be a simple matter for Leonard to relocate them. Everything that Leonard Padilla has been doing is designed to promote the creation of as many revealing jailhouse videos, as possible. The parents more than ever have a real incentive to get Misty and Tommy Croslin to spill the beans on what had happen to Haleigh. There is nothing that Robert Fields can legally do about it, since he is only representing Misty Croslin. Just as obviously, Robert Fields being replaced by another lawyer is still an option, as long as Misty’s parents continue to visit her in jail.