Simon Barrett

Where are the Misty Croslin Jailhouse Videos, Simon Barrett?



In Haleigh Cummings Update – More Jail DVD’s Released, Simon Barrett wrote a totally predicable post.

“Some additional 5 hours of video and audio were released this morning. WSKY 97.3 have the DVD’s and right now both TJ Hart and I are working our way through the material.

The files are very large and so we are trying to decide on the best way of making the important ones available to readers.

UPDATE: these files are so huge, that we are still trying to wrestle them to the ground! Even the TV folks are having issues with them. Also the Donna Brock material is almost incomprehensible. The audio quality is so poor that it is going on the back burner for right now.

Why am I NOT surprised?

Approximately one and a half hours of video will fit on one standard 703 MB CD (ie, 0.7 Gigabytes). Video takes up a lot of storage space. That should NOT have surprised anyone.

I ask again: Has Simon Barrett heard about YouTube?

Putting it on the back burner is exactly what I would expect out of Simon Barrett. When asked: Where are the Misty Croslin Jailhouse Videos?, Simon Barrett predictably responds with more Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows. The really sad part of it is that Simon’s devoted followers cannot get enough of his Internet Stupidity, Blogosphere Crap, and Haleigh Sideshows.

Simon Barrett Update

Simon Barrett

These are DVD’s not CD’s, each one has 4 gig on them. Each file is around 1 gig. I’d love to hear your solution. And please don’t talk about youtube. We have no intentions of putting them up on there. But, the cops are running a special deal, if you go down to St Augustine you can get your own copy for $5 a DVD.

With all of your great internet knowledge I am sure that you could have these vids up and running in no time flat!

It might have escaped you, but even CNN/HLN did not air any of them last night. Why might that be? Well, in simple terms, they are really big files to deal with!

Where are the Misty Croslin Jailhouse Videos, Simon Barrett?

Yep, there would be nothing to it now that I have a lot of experience working with YouTube under my belt.

As I was saying, the typical DVD movie is actually small enough to be burned onto a standard CD. A 1 gig Video would be just over 2 hours long. Ego, I would run my freeware Video editing program on each 2 hour video and chop them them up into 12 ten minute long videos for uploading to YouTube. Of course, I would, also, play each ten minute segment just long enough to determine the subject matter of the respective videos. I would split them into two videos where ever necessary. Name them appropriately, and then upload them unedited directly to YouTube.

Upon later viewing, I would run Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker on any gems that would be worth redacting for dramatic effect.

Anybody interested in bringing Haleigh Cummings home would upload them all to YouTube, as a public service. Those whose who insist upon keeping the eight plus hours of videos to themselves are obviously more interested in making money off of advertising then they are in solving the riddle of what happen to Haleigh Cummings.

Who says so? I do. Why? Because you asked me. If you don’t want my answers, then you should never have asked. 🙂

It might have escaped you, but Nancy Grace updated the Natalee Holloway story last night. One of the principals, died. Just thought that you might want to know, Simon.