On the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, we find that Misty Croslin had gotten her hair done for her latest television appearance, and was more defiant than ever. At least somebody in this investigation has got access to new jailhouse videos.

Anniversaries are as good a time as any to review the status of the Haleigh Cummings investigation. The above video segment by Sierra1947 for some reason had sharing turned off, but this particular clip gives the best summation of where Misty Croslin currently is standing. Nancy Grace covered just about everybody last night. She also had new sound bites for both Donna Brock and Ronald Cummings.

Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell playing Tj Hart was competing against Nancy Grace playing a summation by Art Harris last night. I am sorry, but Nancy Grace’s show was clearly better. And, I would take Art Harris over Tj Hart any day of the week.

Last night showed a defiant Misty who has fully adjusted to life in jail. Her new prescription medication seems to have kicked in, so she no longer has an ants-in-her-pants urgency to get out of jail. She is so comfortable, that she had no problem getting her hair done. Misty actually managed to make faces for the camera.

Misty: “And when I get out of jail, everybody can kiss my ass. And I`m going to get on TV and I`m going to tell them all to F**k off!”

Lisa: “That`s right. I don`t blame you at all. I mean, they need to give you a nationwide apology.”

Misty: “They`re not going to put me down no more. I`m tired of it.”

Lisa: “Yes.”

Misty: “I`m going to start standing up for myself.”

Lisa: “That`s what you need to do, right there. Let them know that.”

Misty: “I am. Because I don`t care what people think about me. People can think what they want to think.”

Art Harris about a week ago was reporting that back on that fateful night, 02/09/2009, Misty Croslin had attempted to get out of babysitting Haleigh, but Teresa Neves wouldn’t have any of it. Everybody in this tradegy is a liar and that includes goody-goody two-shoes Teresa Neves.

Cindy Anthony would not let Casey adopt out Caylee, and here we see that Teresa Neves would not baby sit Haleigh. Neves wants the media to portray her as being always concerned about Haleigh, when in reality Teresa was usually quite indifferent about Haleigh. So, I will unashamedly state that if Teresa Neves had been babysitting Haleigh Cummings all along, none of this would ever have had happened. Misty Croslin became Haleigh’s babysitter precisely because grandma Teresa never wanted to baby sit the little brat.

If Misty Croslin was indeed tired that night because she had been partying for three days, had stayed up most of the night before, and had simply passed-out sometime during the night, this case may never be solved since old fashion police work has yet to have revealed which third-party might have been in a position to have abducted Haleigh.

It is entirely possible that Misty doesn’t know what happened that night. She cannot possibly tell LE what Misty does not know. Her very loose use of the English language may have simply given everybody the wrong impression. Misty was out of her mind that night. She could have left the doors unlocked. It is looking like Misty Croslin does in fact have no memory of what happened, more and more.