Logan McQueary - Elizabeth Johnson

Logan McQueary
Elizabeth Johnson

Logan McQueary’s road trip to San Antonio in his search for his son has been very successful. Baby Gabriel’s father is actively helping to find his missing child. Another eyewitness of Tot Mom, Elizabeth Johnson, has been turned up which LE was not aware of.



KPHO has reported that Logan had posted fliers and asked questions at the Subway next to her hotel, the Jack In The Box, and even a Papa John’s Pizza because Johnson’s babysitter saw empty pizza boxes from the restaurant on her hotel room floor.

Nancy Grace alerted me to the fact that Tabor Morris, a pizza delivery driver at Papa John’s, says that he had delivered pizza to the Tot Mom while she was staying at the Homegate Hotel.

“She was real skittish, she kept the door closed. I think she gave me a five or six dollar tip. Really nice lady. I think that’s why I pretty much remember her,” said Morris.

Logan’s fliers that were posted in Papa John’s Pizza reminded him of his delivery to Elizabeth Johnson. He was even able to corroborate his story with a receipt from December 21st with the name Elizabeth and room number 150.

“She pretty much handed me the money and didn’t let me look in the room. Didn’t let me look or anything like that. I could tell something was wrong. She was real skittish acting,” said Morris.

On Christmas Eve, Tot Mom ordered again. This time it was a Papa John’s order for two pizzas, a medium and a large. They had a different assortment of toppings which strongly suggested that she was entertaining somebody that night.

LE is currently trying to track down a second Popa John’s driver who might of saw someone with Elizabeth, whose testimony could help break the case.

Also, last night on Nancy Grace it was mentioned that across town in San Antonio Police held a news conference at the Tessman Road Landfill to announce that a serious search of that landfill has now been begun by LE.

“We came on this trip looking for … evidence and we’re finding a lot of it,” said Logan McQueary.

The Homegate Hotel where Tot Mom stayed is well known in underground adoption circles. These people put up girls there when they are trying to adopt out their children.

Tot Mom had reportedly taken baby Gabriel to San Antonio Six Flags amusement park on December 26th. They have a lot of security there, and it would have been a safe place for Tot Mom to have met and introduce baby Gabriel to a prospective adoptive family; with potentially thousands of eyewitnesses.