Gee, is it just I? Or, did Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network not too long ago say something about releasing hours and hours of jailhouse video?

Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network

Simon Barrett in Haleigh Cummings – Jail House Tapes Update reminded me of a brain on drugs. What was Simon thinking? Clearly, nothing about actually helping the public in their quest for good information, nor helping blogs report on Misty being in jail objectively, let alone help to bring Haleigh Cummings home.

First of all, jailhouse is one word rather than two, Simon. So where are all these videos that you had promised? Or should I say where is the link to just one video that can be downloaded off of your “FTP site?” Where are these video clips that you had promised, Simon?

“I have just talked with TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3, as I write this article he is sitting in the St. Augustine police complex waiting for them to burn the Jail house tapes onto DVD.

It is our intention to get the entire contents uploaded to our FTP site and have clips available by mid afternoon today.”

IMHO, any person who claims to be knowledgeable about computers in the year 2010 and talks about their “FTP site” has a brain on drugs, metaphorically speaking.


A sobbing Misty Croslin doesn’t know what happen to Haleigh.

Simon Barrett is Confused As Ever

There are a number of videos out there. There is a ten-minute clip of the Tommy and Lindsey Croslin Jail House Video. Then there are two five-minute segments of the Misty Croslin telephone call where she had spoken with her mother and father. Nancy Grace had access to those video clips, which she had extensively edited and played ad nauseum, over and over again for the best part of one week.

Let me introduce Simon Barrett and Tj Hart to a new word: YouTube. Anybody, including somebody as technically inept as both of these two “appear” to be can upload hours and hours of video clips to YouTube without having to pay for Gigabytes of storage on their own “FTP site.” Silly me, I just thought that the gallant duo might want to consider a better approach in the future since you guys have stated ad nauseum that you are not in it for the money.

No matter how many times Simon Barrett talks about there being only one four minute video out there, it is actually ten minutes long. Both sides of a jailhouse visit are recorded on video, Simon. There is five minutes of Misty Crying. And, there is five minutes of Hank Croslin standing. This ten minute video has been released on YouTube. It is the same ten minute video that had offered to give to Tj Hart. You cannot do much with the Hank Croslin segment because who is interested in looking at the father?


A sobbing Misty Croslin says that her attorney is putting a plea deal together.

NOTICE: Stock video has been paired with a few audio recordings in all of the YouTube videos that were utilized on this post. The videos do NOT match any of the accompanying audio.

Audio without an accompanying video is boring to listen to, especially for a ten-minute long recording. I suspect that some idiot, whom I will not name, intentionally removed the video from the original telephone calls. As a result, I have attached stock video to these audio recordings in order to make listening to them a little bit more bearable in the belief that watching a video of Misty fidgeting around would be more interesting than seeing dancing sheep or looking at a single still picture of Misty Croslin.

Since these were telephone calls rather than in-jail visits, one could argue whether or not a video even exists at all for these calls. I would say, absolutely! Inmates have to make collect calls in order to protect the public from harassment and other criminal activity. Second, the correctional facility wants to always be in a position to prove exactly who made a particular telephone call. The easiest way to do this is to attach a video to each call made, much the same way that an ATM machine records each transaction on video. In this day and age, recording each call on video would not be all that expensive. Being that these calls are being recorded for possible future use in a court of law, there is an absolute certainly that a video exists of each phone call, IMHO. Otherwise, all the inmate would have to do in court is testify that the call was NOT their voice. A video would conclusively prove who made the call.