On the Nancy Grace show last night it was announced that bounty hunter Leonard Padilla is interested in bonding out Misty Croslin from jail.

Once again Leonard Padilla wants to be in the limelight on the Nancy Grace show. What the media has been failing to pick up is that Leonard has learned his lesson from dealing with Casey Anthony.

Padilla the bounty hunter will only bond Misty Croslin out of jail if she produces the body of Haleigh Cummings, either dead or alive. In other words, Misty will have to tell Leonard where the child’s body is. And, Padilla will have to be able to physically find Haleigh before Misty would be able to get out of jail under the new terms of this bounty hunter.

Of course, Misty Croslin would have to be Beyond Stupid to fall for what Leonard is suggesting. This card is what Misty’s attorney should be playing with the prosecutors to bargain for a lighter sentence. For Misty Croslin to throw her only bargaining chip away on a get out of jail free pass would be just plain stupid.