Misty Croslin is nothing, but a babe in the woods crying her eyes out in jail for having been caught trafficking drugs. She was dumb enough to have been caught on jailhouse videotape confessing to her drug crimes. What will her lawyer say, now?

In Misty Croslin Got Robbed we got to see for the first time exactly how naive this girl really is. What big time drug dealer asks for a ride home, or walks away from a drug deal on foot? It is so sad, that one almost feels sorry for her.

In many respects, Misty was so naive that she should actually thank LE for arresting her. Because she would surely have ended up dead, had she ever run into a real criminal.

Now hours and hours of jailhouse video and audio recordings are revealing the Croslins foolishly talking about Misty’s drug crimes, knowing full well that every word is being recorded.

Misty Croslin was, also, shown to honestly believe that her bond had been reduced to just $50,000. And, had no idea what 10 percent of $50,000 was.

Misty Croslin looks so pitiful crying her eyes out, that one is tempted to feel sorry for her. Guests on the Nancy Grace show have suggested that her urgency to get out of jail is mostly the result of a drug addict experiencing drug withdrawal. Misty the drug addict will say and do almost anything in order to get another drug “fix,” as fast as possible.