New details have finally surfaced on the release of Tammi Smith from a Maricopa County jail. Tammi is stilled charged with three crimes. And is now threatening the Tempe Police with her boasts.

Unfortunately in the search for baby Gabriel, her bail was set rather low. Tammi Smith was released on $15,000 bond, Wednesday. In your face as always, Tammi boasted her threats to the media as she left jail. Both Tammi and her husband are now accusing the Tempe Police Department of trumping up charges against her. Seems that the Smiths think that they are very special people who are above the law.

“We are going to tear them apart, I’m not, my attorney is going to tear them apart.”

In Omissions of Jack & Tammi Smith we saw that the pushy Tammi and Jack Smith are not what they have represented themselves to be in the media.

Seems that the Smiths have conveniently forgotten that during all their media appearances that they have already confessed to their crimes. Certainly the forgery charge will be a slam-dunk for the prosecution. They have suggested that they knew where Tot Mom was during her flight to Florida and failed to immediately inform LE of her whereabouts. Beyond the Smith’s media statements, LE by now probably has gotten hold of their telephone records. Evidence of just one call to Tot Mom during her flight (i.e., felony Custodial Interference) is all that is needed for that charge to stick. Tammi Smith aiding and abetting Tot Mom in her flight is what LE is calling Conspiracy to Commit Custodial Interference, evidence of which was probably uncovered in LE’s earlier search of the Smith’s residence. During LE news conference on Tuesday, Police have said that Smith helped Tot Mom Elizabeth Johnson after she had fled Arizona with 8-month old baby Gabriel.

Of course, Tammi Smith has, also, conveniently forgotten all about the manipulative tactics that the Smiths had previously imposed on Logan McQueary in an attempt to force him to relinquish custody of his daughter. Their forceful blackmailing of Gabriel’s father was revealed in Did Tammi Smith Manipulate Tot Mom?

“I love this baby and I will look for this baby until he’s found,” said Tammi Smith as she left the Maricopa County jail on bond. Tammi’s allegedly pure motives might be a factor in her sentencing, but certainly wont prevent conviction. I am sure that all the parties to Gabriel’s disappearance having gotten in the face of a few judges and police departments wont be forgotten either, when it comes to their sentencing.