When Gabriel had first disappeared, Tammi and Jack Smith began to appeared on many different talk shows and current affairs programs, seemly in order to conducted a media campaign against Logan McQueary, the baby’s father. Tuesday Bombshell: Tammi Smith, one of LE’s person of interest, was arrested in connection with the disappearance of baby Gabriel.

In Did Tammi Smith Manipulate Tot Mom, I had previously informed the public about how the Smiths were trying to force Logan into giving up baby Gabriel.

Talk about jumping the gun, Nancy Grace ignored the real news Tuesday night when she talked about jailhouse video and audio recordings of Misty Croslin with her parents that have yet to be released under Florida’s sunshine laws for an entire hour.

Tammi Smith Busted

Tammi Smith Busted

Tammi Smith, 37, of Scottsdale, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit custodial interference, custodial interference, and forgery. Smith was transported to the Tempe City Jail, to be later booked into a Maricopa County jail, according to the Tempe police.

It has, also, been reported that Tammi Smith has had prior problems with the law in Louisiana, including felony arrests for forgery in 1998 and in 2001, disturbing the peace, and criminal neglect of family.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Tempe police released details about how Tammi Smith was developing a plan, or already had a plan in place, to get McQueary out of the picture in order to obtain custody of Gabriel. Allegedly, the Smiths were planning for Elizabeth Johnson’s road trip to end up in Tennessee, where the couple had expected to end up with the baby; but something had gone terrible wrong with their plan.

Could an arrest of defiant Jack Smith be next?